This is what ESQUIRE thinks about our Men of Color.  Eff Them and use their magazine for toilet paper in today’s economic climate.  Your parrot might not like his birdcage being lined with it.

When you decide you want to write articles that allegedly are supposed to uplift the few notable African-American heroes we have, why do you have to show your slips of ignorance in writing basic hit pieces as opposed to honoring basic and elementary rules of professional journalism in reporting THE FACTS?

Oh, I GET IT.  You’d rather MAKE SHYT UP and call it REPORTING.

You’re no better than the Washington Post – good for lining your pet’s birdcage and nothing more.  However, given this economic climate, your rag just might be good for toilet paper for those of us out of work and can’t buy Charmin anymore.

Hear this – when ever you write hit pieces and you don’t do your homework, I have no recourse but to start cutting.  So watch me while I get out my blogging version of a switchblade.

Based upon reading  Newark Mayor Cory Booker’s response to the shyt Scott Raab wrote:

Newark Mayor Cory Booker was furious about the 8,000-word Esquire magazine profile of him and his beloved city. “I exploded,” he says in the new documentary, Brick City, “with just, rage, when I read it.” The 2008 article described Booker’s heroic quest to awaken the “city of zombies” and the “Goddamn Zulus” residing in Jersey.  Indeed, it was a stunningly racist portrait of Newark and its leader, written by Scott Raab, an accomplished (white) writer you’d expect to know better. When he wasn’t summoning violins with purple prose about “cannibal,” “animal” violence,  he was anointing Cory Booker as a green-eyed Magical Super Negro, swooping into battle with “old school ghetto despots” to save the “feckless negritude” of Newark. 

African-Americans are supposed to give PRAISE for that?  In quoting scripture asking “Shall I praise you in this?  I PRAISE YOU NOT.”

Frankly,  me and most POCs in the know are tired of doing everything to present ourselves as productive members  of society; non-threatening, assimilating, blending in – damned near becoming homogenious, and the best your cracker ilk can do is continual put downs, insults, dressed in the garments of racism and bigotry; even down to dissing Harvard, Yale and Stanford-educated POCs and whine when we stand up and tell you to go Cheney yourselves with your own bullshyt.

I’m tired of trying to reason with your ilk; explain shyt that you have no expectation of comprehending, and sending you home with Kuumbaayah folk song sessions that make YOU feel good about YOURSELVES but don’t do a damned thing for POCs.

Scott Raab ain’t no Tim Wise.  Very few white guys “get US”, so he needs to quit trying.  I bet he will never set foot in Newark because Newark’s mayor would be well within his rights to break open several cans of whip-ass for that shyt hit piece he wrote.  And it WAS a damned HIT PIECE.  Raab only used the article to justify calling Sharpe James a thug and get away with it under the aegis of reporting on Cory Booker’s accomplishments, which he also dissed.

For Mr. Booker’s part, I hope, just like I hope that the POTUS eventually will realize, that kissing y’alls saltine asses is not going to get them very far, because even if they actually acquired magical super powers that enable them to leap tall buildings in a single bound; move faster than a speeding bullet, and facilitate truth, justice and the American Way, we’ve already learned that to your way of thinking, “the American Way” does not include PEOPLE OF COLOR.

It never has and it probably never will.  Not in this life time, anyway.

So, allow Scott Raab to write his racist hit pieces.  Don’t be surprised when shyt starts hopping in this bastard and your magazine becomes one of the major casualties.



The Christian Progressive Liberal

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