I really, really wish this cretin would OD on six packs of STFU.  I mean, he orchestrated wars that America had no business being in, so he and his cronies at Halliburton could get fat paid, while torturing prisoners, and raping female employees sent to Iraq to help make that money.

But, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, he wants to provoke the current POTUS into hurrying up on what to do about Afghanistan.

Hey, didn’t you and GeeShrubya try that approach seven years ago, when you invaded Iraq?  You did what it supposedly took to win, and guess what?

Obama has to continue fighting the war you dipshyts started.  And you have the good-God audacity to Complain.

Eff you, you rotten GOP Bastard; I guess you and your partners are missing all those no-bid contracts that paid millions while feeding our troops rotten food, and making them drink water that smelled and tasted like ass that those contracts were supposed to provide, in terms of goods and services.

So, you think Obama is “dithering” about Afghanistan.  Well, jackass, maybe if you and your boy Georgie had done some “dithering” instead of “you’re either with us or agin’ us”, Barack Obama wouldn’t have to spend his first year in office restoring American good will abroad because you and your boy spent eight years alienating our country abroad and pissing away any good will we had – about 200 years’ worth.

You’re a dipshyt and shouldn’t be worth discussing, but just like the Field Negro’s “homeboy”, a dude named “Racism”, you  just won’t go the hell away.

At least GeeShrubya has seen the wisdom of Shutting the Hell UP.  Anyone seen his monkey ass since Inauguration Day, when we saw his ass get on a plane and actually get the hell up out of DC?

Me, neither.  And I was one of those who worried about Bush pulling a martial law stunt and suspending due process of government to extend his time in office.  I now stand corrected that the bastard was READY to leave when his time was up.  He has not been seen on TV – hasn’t given any interviews, and if he’s been doing any public speaking engagements, he’s been on the DL with that, too.

Cheney, you hid in your bunker for most of the eight years of Bush Cartel Rule, and NOW, you bastard, you just won’t shut the hell up.

Doyou think you’re untouchable?  That Obama won’t drop dime to Holder at the Justice Department to round up all those in the Bush Administration engaging in seditious acts against their own government; treason and other felonies?

(Yeah, I know – Obama’s been kinda timid to take action, but I’m betting his ego is going to get sick and tired of Cheney trying to call him out when we all know who the real PUNK ASS IS).

Cheney, if you’re so big and bad, why don’t you just roll up to the White House, stand on Pennsylvania Avenue and just call out the POTUS, so he can break out his cans of whip-ass?

Because you’re a punk ass COWARD.  You, and your boys, GeeShrubya and El Rushbo.  Y’all sure knew how to get those deferments to keep from taking your monkey asses to ‘Nam, but you clowned John Kerry and Max Cleland for serving their country, and in Cleland’s case, he left his limbs on rice patties because he was THAT PATRIOTIC.

But, not you.  You conveniently got your wife knocked up and you got five deferments because “you had better things to do”.

Like, planning how to FUBAR the country you were born in.  And your boy Shrub, disappeared from view while he was supposed to be in the National Guard, and when Dan Rather tried to prove your boy went AWOL, y’all had him fired from CBS.  A Journalist in the mold of Ed Murrow and Walter Cronkite – and you got your corporate friends to treat him like dogshyt.

El Rushbo got out of serving because of a BOIL ON HIS ASS.

And we’re supposed to take you seriously.  Well, Fox is whining because they got themselves SHUT OUT of the White House, so they trot out your lame and ugly ass to stir up shyt and make it up as you go along.

I have one thing to say to you – GO PHUCK YOURSELF.

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