Got this email from JJP blogger and CoC Prez James Rucker on how we can help ourselves on healthcare. Peep it:

The Senate is closing in on a health care bill with a public health insurance option, a key ingredient of meaningful health care reform. It’s great news.

But conservatives and insurance companies are fighting hard against the public option, so Senate leadership has compromised by including an “opt-out” clause, which would allow individual states to choose not to participate in the program.1

There’s a real danger here. In the stimulus fight, we saw Republican governors and legislators refuse federal dollars for political gain. The same thing could happen with health care reform, with everyday people in states like Lousiana, Alabama, and South Carolina — states with large Black, poor, and working-class populations — left out.2,3

You can help. Join us in calling on the White House and Congress to make sure that, in the end, we have a true public option that serves all of us, regardless of where we live:

We can do this. Your help is especially needed if you live in CT and in the South. I did it. Will you take a hot minute to help out? Do it for the uninsured people in your life — in your family, at your job, at the nail salon or barbershop. Oh — and thanks.

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