…your ass needs to be shyt-canned out of Congress.  PERIOD.

Hey, former El Presidente/Cartel Head Bush set the damned standard during his eight years in Congress.  I just thought it was suppression of the 1st Amendment rights to Freedom of Speech.

Remember Cindy Sheehan?  Remember the day she tried to attend the State of the Union speech wearing a t-shirt protesting the Iraq War? She was summarily thrown out of the chamber when she showed up with the t-shirt; many people denounced her for wearing it and essentially blamed her for trying to use the State of the Union address as a means of embarrassing Bush about lying this country into a war it couldn’t afford.

Or remember the New Orleans Doctor who yelled at former Vice-President/Satan’s son Dick Cheney to go “Cheney” himself when Cheney desecrated the existing damage done by Hurricane Katrina by showing up to take a phucking tour?  The Secret Service was on that guy like a fly on shyt.

In fact, during the age of the Bush Cartel, you had to sign “loyalty oaths” to even get in a ReThug public event.  That process was to ensure no dissenters got in. 

Yet Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert’s satire of Bill O’Reilly completely fooled the Bush Cartel – so much so to the point he won himself the keynote speaking gig at the Annual Press Correspondent’s Dinner, where he proceeded to tear Bush and Company new anal orifices and they didn’t realize it until the dinner was OVER. 

But in the age of a Black President, many crackers feel free to call him a terrorist; accuse him of not being an American Citizen; deny in the face of FACTUAL evidence that since Hawaii was admitted to the Union in 1959 and therefore, is a STATE and not an exotic overseas locale (thank you Cokie Roberts, you ignorant, bigoted POS-journalist), that Barack Hussein Obama is INDEED an American Citizen – the cracker regiment in this country, lead by Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck, have EMPOWERED the Reich-Wingnuttery to new heights of bigotry, racism and lunacy.

“My emotions got the best of me”, says uber-Saltine Congress Critter Joe Wilson (R-Slug from South Carolina).  But his Democratic colleague, Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, is already calling bullshyt:

“Joe is very confrontational,” he added. “He held his first town hall meeting three blocks from my house at my kid’s high school. Now why would he have this town hall meeting in my congressional district, three blocks from my house in my kid’s high school? It’s not in his district.

That’s the kind of guy Joe Wilson is. He loves confronting people. So he was confronting the president, just as he was confronting me.” 

I call Bullshyt, too – that cracker knew EXACTLY what the hell he was doing.   He would have been better served if he’d just gone ahead and called President Obama a Nigger instead of calling the President a liar.

The problem with that outburst is that it is not getting the response Wilson or his wingnut buddies HOPED FOR.  There are SOME PEOPLE, who, even if they don’t like the POTUS’ policies, still RESPECT him as being the Chief Executive, and are running from Wilson’s cracker ass like he is a leper.  The only reason Senator Country Last, followed by Senator Tom “I wouldn’t send my cat to him for an Ob-GYN checkup” Coburn are demanding this a-hole apologize is because they know he jumped the shark with that outburst and the climate in America these days is such that the American people do not like seeing their tax dollars pay the salary of a cracker Congress Critter who can’t do the job he was sent to Washington to do – MAKE POLICY without resorting to disrespecting the President of the United States.

Illinois Senator Dick Durbin is saying there will be consequences for Wilson for that stunt, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up YET:

“The person who said it will pay a price,” Durbin said. “I think the average American thinks that the president and the office deserve respect, and that was a disrespectful comment. They’ll pay a price in the court of public opinion.”

Even Klansman Trent Lott and Utah Senator Orrin Hatch KNOW how far they can go with the POTUS, be it Clinton or Obama – cause Bush was their boy, anyway. 

As of today, Wilson’s outburst sent $100k in donations….TO HIS DEMOCRATIC OPPONENT.  THAT’S the ONLY REASON this mofo is apologizing – his ass could be out of a job come 2010 for this little stunt.

As for those of you POC who are Republicans, I have a few questions for you.  Does Joe Wilson speak for YOU?  Was he speaking for YOU last night?  How much more are you going to take before you realize that the GOP don’t like YOU, either?  Like Van Jones, have you awakened to the fact that the concept of “trying to change shyt from the inside” only means that YOU get KICKED OUT?

It is heartening to know that even in the face of attempts at bipartisanship which have been spat on by ReThug members of Congress, there are some lines you JUST DO NOT CROSS.

Dissing the President is one of them.  Now if we can restore the Fairness Doctrine so that everytime Glen Beck, Rushbo or Don Imus calls the President a Nigger, their licenses can get yanked….

UPDATE: Wilson’s opponent, Rob Miller, has now received donations nearing the $500,000 mark, and still climbing.  He might hit a full million before the evening’s over.

Remember: Bigotry COSTS, Money TALKS and Bullshyt WALKS.  Looks like Wilson will find out the HARD WAY.

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