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Here’s the vote on the Rockefeller amendment: Rockefeller, Aye; Conrad, No; Bingaman, Aye; Kerry, Aye; Lincoln, No; Wyden, Aye; Schumer, Aye; Stabenow, Aye; Cantwell, Aye; Bill Nelson, No; Menendez, Aye; Carper, No; Grassley, No; Hatch, No, Snowe; No; Kyl, No; Bunning, No; Crapo, No; Roberts, No; Ensign, No; Enzi, No; Cornyn, No; Baucus, No.

8 Ayes, 15 Nos. Conrad, Lincoln, Bill Nelson, Carper and Baucus have been ferreted out. We’ll see if anyone flips on the Schumer “level playing field” amendment. Given the debate on the prior amendment, I’d say that MAYBE Bill Nelson could go that route. Probably not anyone else.

Now we know which Democrats want to protect the insurance industry at the expense of people.

…UPDATE: Bill Nelson just agreed to vote for Chuck Schumer’s “level playing field” amendment. And during Schumer’s remarks, he thanked Tom Carper for helping “move us toward consensus.” So we may pick up a couple votes here. Of course, the “level playing field” amendment, which doesn’t tie a public option to Medicare rates, saves $85 billion less over 10 years than the Rockefeller amendment.

…Kent Conrad is saying that the Schumer amendment reflects a “significant improvement” on the Rockefeller amendment… so will he vote for it? No. “The place where we still have a difference is whether the non-profit option is run by the government.” He’s sticking with his crappy co-ops. Conrad says that Schumer is moving much closer to package that can get 60 votes on the floor, but he won’t help move it, of course.

…Schumer amendment vote coming right up. Max Baucus once again says that “the public option can’t get 60 votes, so I won’t vote for it.” It’s the “innocent bystander” theory of government. Why, if only a Senator like Max Baucus had a vote on the bill, surely it could attract the necessary votes!’s the vote: Schumer Aye; Rockefeller Aye; Bingaman Aye; Kerry Aye; Cantwell Aye; Stabenow Aye; Wyden Aye; Menendez Aye; Bill Nelson Aye; Baucus No; Conrad No; Carper Aye; Lincoln No; All R’s no.

So Carper and Nelson flipped. Amendment fails 10-13. Only Lincoln, Conrad and Baucus against it.

good that they actually had to take a vote. actually be on the record.

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