Just asking.

There are 5 different healthcare bills from Congressional Committees.


Max Baucus wasted MONTHS of time, to come up with this piece of bullshyt.

I haven’t hidden my skepticism of some folks, who have SOLD OUT THE PUBLIC OPTION, wanting to hide behind the bi-partisan bullshyt cloak.

Well, Baucus’ sellout ass standing there ALONE, presenting this piece of garbage, was indeed telling.

IF YOU WANT TO SELLOUT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, you’ll have to do it front and center, with no cloak to hide behind.

WHY ask Jay Rockefeller and Wyden to the White House…could it be that the rumblings are true and that the Baucus abomination is in danger of NOT EVEN GETTING OUT OF COMMITTEE……and, where would we be, if the ONLY bills coming of out of committee are…

THE FOUR WITH THE PUBLIC OPTION in them. Where’s the cover for the PUBLIC OPTION SELLOUT, if EVERY bill out there – aside from the Baucus SCAM – has a PUBLIC OPTION IN IT?

Why is Jay Rockefeller going on record saying that he fears that this White House is ready to put their names behind any piece of shyt, just as long as they can spray some perfume on it and call it ‘healthcare reform’.

I told you, I don’t give a rat’s ass about the President having a nice shiny ceremony if the bill IS NOT ACTUAL REFORM, but some SCAM being shilled as such.

And, that’s all that the Baucus bill is – A PAYOFF TO THE HEALTH INSURANCE INDUSTRY.

After all, we’ve already had the SELLOUT TO PHARMA.

The American people are hip to what the Baucus Bill is, and told you so today:

And what about the FRAUD of CO-OPS, that Baucus is trying to shill in his swill?

From Americablog:

Amid the coverage of the boost the CBO’s scoring (.pdf) gave to Max Baucus’s bill yesterday, an element of the CBO report appears to have gone mostly unnoticed, a wonky friend points out: The report paints co-ops — the leading alternative to a true public option — as basically irrelevant to the plan’s cost.

The co-ops are dealt with, in fact, in a passing parenthetical remark:

(The proposed co-ops had very little effect on the estimates of total enrollment in the exchanges or federal costs because, as they are described in the specifications, they seem unlikely to establish a significant market presence in many areas of the country or to noticeably affect federal subsidy payments.)

The CBO confirms what liberal co-op critics have charged: That they will neither cover many people nor put downward pressure on costs, the two supposed benefits of the public option.

This is the alternative to the public option, we keep being told. Now the experts are telling us that co-ops won’t achieve what they’re supposed to. So they’re not an acceptable alternative to the president’s campaign promises at all. They’re apparently a lot of nothing.

Can’t even get the CBO to sign on to his LIE.

I told you all that I would continue to be skeptical, and that hasn’t changed one iota.

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