What really gets my gall is jokers like Beck and Lou Dobbs calling black people who are working to improve access and opportunity for ALL American citizens, no matter their ethnicity — Racist. It’s almost like a Jedi mind trick the forces of hate are trying to play on America. It’s a concept that Handkerchief Headed skank Lisa Sylvester of the Lou Dobbs Show is tuning out cuz I guess it don’t pay as well as selling brothers and sisters down the river. We need to keep an eye on that chickenhead smacking her lips and getting paid to be a black face shooting at the Obama administration.

Personally, I first met Mark when he was at LCCR. He’s a cool cat, a do-right man and a sweet soul who deserves our support. Here are a couple of viz from FreePresss which break it all down. Let’s not let what happened to Van Jones happen to Mark Lloyd.

Glenn Beck Attacks Mark Lloyd

Lou Dobbs Attacks Mark Lloyd

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