An Appropriate Flag

America might be a whole lot better off.

This isn’t about “a few nuts” who have managed to hijack the political debate and color it with blatant bigotry.  It is about a state that probably hasn’t forgiven Robert E. Lee for surrendering in the Civil War, and it is a state that is continuing to fight said Civil War, nearly 150 years its end.

I wonder if South Carolina was actually the first state to secede from the Union back in 1860?  Anyway, if this article is to be believed, South Carolina has lost their damned minds because an African-American sits in the White House.  But as the article listed who’s leading the charge, I will also include why they get picked off by being discredited every chance they fire their missives at the current POTUS.

Just under nine months into the president’s term, the state has emerged as a beachhead for the president’s most aggressive conservative critics, a secure launching point for some of the harshest attacks on the administration’s policy initiatives.

Its governor, Mark Sanford, led the charge of Republican governors against the Obama economic stimulus plan and made national headlines by arguing that the administration’s excessive spending could lead to an economic collapse on the scale of Weimar Germany. Sanford, in fact, persisted in rejecting Recovery Act funding until a court ordered him to back down.

When Obama turned his attention to health care, South Carolina’s junior senator, Jim DeMint, touched off a firestorm of criticism by urging conservatives to “break ” the new president by defeating reform legislation.

And then there’s Joe Wilson’s cutting the fool on Wednesday Night.  But, what’s worse is that the mofos in South Carolina actually are trying to justify their wingnuttery:

“If Joe Wilson’s mother and father were alive, they’d have taken him to the woodshed and flogged him for bad manners and poor form,” said former South Carolina Republican Party Chair Katon Dawson. “But let me tell you what was [said] at the diner today. It was: ‘Joe’s right.'”


“South Carolina is a state that’s always loved having characters for politicians,” said Bruce Haynes, a political consultant who served as an aide to Campbell. “There’s been no shortage of South Carolina politicians over the past 50 years who have said some interesting and outrageous things. And they tend to be reelected by large margins.” (emphasis mine)

Okay, so this state is literally telling the rest of the country that they don’t give a damn about the fact that the rest of the country (with the possible exceptions of Georgia and Texas) have moved into the 21st Century and aren’t still fighting the Civil War – they’re going to keep fighting until them uppity Nigras are put back in their place and the plantations do more than be showcased as tourist attractions.

Here’s where the pride of South  Carolina really lies:

The state has a long history of stridency in national politics, having produced legendary opposition figures from Vice President John C. Calhoun, who helped pave the way for the Civil War, to the late Sen. Strom Thurmond, who filibustered historic civil rights legislation. By comparison, DeMint, Sanford and Wilson are a tame bunch.

Ah, yeah – Senator Strom, who Joe Wilson says was slandered by Essie Mae Washington-Williams when she finally ‘fessed up that ol’ Strom was her pappy.  Imagine keeping that secret while his saltine ass was filibustering Civil Rights Legislation that gave Essie Mae equal rights with her bigoted Daddy.

Personally, I think Essie let that cracker off easy.  I would have outed his ass as my pappy before he kicked off, and especially when he started hollering about Civil Rights and filibustering shyt, but as my colleague, Rikyrah, reminded me, Ms. Essie came from a different generation and wouldn’t have done it anyway.

Mark Sanford, once considered the “rising star” of the GOP until his love for Argentenian poon derailed his ass.

And now, Joe Wilson doesn’t allow the GOP to get caught with their slips showing, he pulled down the covers and exposed them in all their naked and bigoted glory on national TV Wednesday night.

Yeah, Olbermann did a scathing “Special Comment” but I thought it lacked because it didn’t demand Joe Wilson resign his seat in Congress; nor did it do the one thing that may finally need to be strongly considered.


Hell, Texas is talking about it –  Alaska has a got-damned secessionist group, of which Caribou Barbie and her husband were either founders, as well as CARD CARRYING MEMBERS.  So why not add South Carolina to that list of states that contribute jackshyt to the United States as a NATION?

I mean, when you hear “States’ Rights” it is usually being hollered by a Congress Critter out of the Deep and Dirty South, and its generally code speak for “We want to do whatever the hell we want and we want to take Federal money while we do it.”

That sounds too damned much like the Wall Street bailout.  But, in all honesty, I say let them try it.  Let them try secession – that means no Federal money, no assistance, and possible blockage from international trade and commerce, and so on.  It would mean not conferring them American Territorial status, either, because they would no longer be a PART of the UNITED STATES.  They would be their own entity.  If the state is responsible for, say 25% of the Nation’s economy, like California is, they might be able to survive.  But if you’re a southern state like South Carolina….

There’s a reason Lee surrendered in the Civil War.  Because he realized that not only he was getting his ass kicked, but maybe he may have thought “What happens if we actually win this bastard?  We’re responsible for our damned selves” and they would have still needed to trade with the North in order to survive, but the North might have been in a better position to negotiate shyt and the South would still have been in a position of weakness.

Any state that still wants to fly the “Stars & Bars” flag over their state house and claim that it is not racism but a wish to “preserve their heritage” – a heritage that is downright shitty because Black People KNEW what that damned flag represented (hint: it was showcased at every Klan rally and lynching) – any state that claims “States’ Rights” and don’t have shyt to offer the rest of the Country…

Maybe they need to consider seceding from the Union because they damned sure act like they already have, anyway.

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