Dig these stats. Things ain’t what they seem nor what you’ve been told about how African-Americans are using the internets these days. Which is just one of the many, many reasons we now have a young, black president.

I’m really looking forward to the conversation today and plan to give some specific advice on how best to understand and realize the potential of a shifting trend where the digital divide vanishes.

Here’s the deets.

“Is it premature to toll the bells for the death of the digital divide?” asks Cheryl Contee, partner at Fission Strategy & blogger at JackandJillPolitics.com

In July, a report from the Pew Internet and American Life Center found that African-Americans are not only the most active users of mobile Internet, they are also the fastest growing group to adopt the technology.

This comes on top of earlier Pew research showing that one of beneficial effects of Barack Obama’s campaign for President in 2008 was a rapid shrinking of the overall gap between whites and blacks in terms of who goes online for political information.

But reaching out to them is not as simple as thinking along racial or ethnic lines.

Listen in as we talk with Cheryl Contee about what these changes mean for non-profits, advocacy organizations and campaigns looking to engage a rapidly transforming demographic

How to Harness the Changing Nature of African American Participation Online

Thursday, September 24th

1-2pm EST

Join the call here.

See you there. The audio conversation will be turned into a podcast and I’ma put that up when it’s available. Stay tuned!

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