I know that I have upset some with my stance on healthcare, but it’s MY issue.

If I had twin issues, it would be civil liberties and healthcare. I swallowed as much bullshyt from this President on civil liberties as I could [Glenn Greenwald is a hero, IMO, for those of us who care about civil liberties]….and I still supported him.

Healthcare is another issue.

As I wrote to NMP, who wrote a beautiful post in the Open Threads…:


this is my issue. for too many stories that I can personally tell, this is my issue.

i told you, it’s not fighting and losing that is a crime to me…THAT I can handle.

that’s not the case here.

in my gut, I believe he’s sold out the public option
AFTER GIVING BIG PHARMA not only an extention of that bullshyt medicare part D plan –


but, he’s going to pretend that he didn’t sell out, and that i’m too stupid to recognize it.

THAT is what I will never get past.

WHAT ELSE IS THERE that could be remotely as important as healthcare in his ‘ agenda’.

there’s nothing else.

nothing else..no issue that anyone could bring up to me that would be as important and long lasting and outward reaching.

i will never swallow this betrayal. NEVER.

fighting and losing would never make him weak in my eyes, and i would defend him with my last breath..


but, i don’t believe it is.

they’re trying to be ‘ slick’, and i’m not doing ‘slick’ on healthcare.

you don’t know how much it pains me to write these words, but they are what they are. there is no pleasure in writing these words. The President has been ill-served by those around him; I feel for him, but he has to take responsibility for surrounding himself with those folks.

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