Two weeks ago I wrote a scathing critique of the White House’s response to mounting insanity from the Right in general and the resignation of Van Jones in particular. I was furious and minced absolutely no words. That same weekend, however, I had one of the most amazing conversations at a West Philly block party.

I overheard a college classmate of mine, black woman and Philly resident, Robin Stanback Stevens raving about how “Barack Obama changed my life!” I assumed she was still high of the inauguration and was referring to vague inspirational benefits of a black president. I was completely wrong. I asked Robin if I could video tape her story, and she proceeded to rattle off five tangible ways her life has been improved by the efforts of our president.

The majority of her examples are a result of the stimulus. Whether it was big enough or not, time will tell. However, it’s clear that many of the abstract-seeming policies and debates happening “in Washington” do have real affects on very real people. I’m still very proud of this president and the White House, and moments like those captured in the video remind me of what so many of us fought for and why it’s important for us to keep on pushin.

So now it’s your turn. How have the efforts of this White House made a tangible, positive impact on your lives?

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