I’ve just been lurking here the past few days, and my colleagues’ posts on negotiating with terrorists and health care reform have been spot on.

Yet, I find myself being very protective of this POTUS that I worked hard to get elected, despite my differences in opinion regarding his policies. I still want this brotha to be successful, ’cause y’all KNOW what will happen if he goes down in flames.  The White House won’t see another ethnic POTUS for 50 years or more; most of us will have shuffled off this mortal coil before that happens, and the 20-somethings will be gathering what’s left of Social Security if it still exists by then.

Most of you know I’m on the record regarding President Obama’s positions on everything from his Cabinet picks to the legislation he gets behind.  It is the Cabinet picks – or say, one in PARTICULAR, that I want to discuss, and I want all of us to keep in mind when we discuss legislation and politics.

I’m going to cut to the chase – RAHM EMMANUEL IS RUNNING SHYT.  Everything that’s coming out of this White House is smelling like Clintonista – 1990’s Bullshyt.  It smells like someone who is in bed with Corporate America and thinks that shyt that they did in the 1990’s is good for the 21st Century.

It didn’t work then, and it sure as hell ain’t going to work NOW.

I’m just as upset about Van Jones’ “resignation”.  The best thing we can do is call this what it is; A POLITICAL CASUALTY.  You all know as well as me that President Obama could have told people to go to hell about Van Jones, and he didn’t, because his COS is telling him to sling Van Jones under the bus for fun and profit.

I may be overly simplistic about how much control Emmanual has in the White House, but consider everything that’s gone down since that rat bastard got there.

First, some history.  Mr. Emmanuel ran the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee; a committee that actively solicits and demands Democratic congress critters pay “dues” in order to have a place to go and make their phone calls for campaign contributions come election-time, without violating the ethics of using your Congressional office to do it.  Dues range from $100,000 annually to $500,000 annually, and it is assessed based upon the Congress Critter’s usefulness to the Democratic Party Platform.  This committee is also supposed to kick down some campaign funds for members who are considered “vulnerable” to being re-elected.

Yet, these SOBs were nowhere to be found when Cynthia McKinney or Earl Hilliard faced challenges from AIPAC funded Black Candidates and were summarily shown the door.

But Hilliard and McKinney were Democratic members of Congress who got shafted by the DCCC because Emmanuel, being nothing more than a damned BAG MAN, directed that money to Hilliard’s and McKinney’s successors (Artur Davis and Denise Majette).

So, essentially, Emmmanuel used the DCCC to build up that base of Blue Dog Democrats and financed their way into Congress.  He strong-armed Congress members until he got pulled into the White House, where it appears, he’s still engaging in strong-arm tactics to this day.

Since Emmanuel has been COS, the following FUBARs have occurred on his watch:

  • Hillary gets the position as Secretary of State, where she’s flapping her yap like we have resources to fight THREE wars, while Obama has to clean up the shyt from the two he inherited.  Y’all know it made no DAMNED SENSE to put Hillary in the State Department after she flamed Obama by playing that pesky race card during the election.

This was ONE enemy Obama needed to keep as far away from him as a rattlesnake needs to be kept away from human beings, and just as poisonous.

  • Tim Geithner for Treasury Secretary – the key architect of the Wall Street Collapse and ensuing BAILOUT that has no accountability, congressional oversight or anyone being FIRED or SENT TO JAIL for their participation in it.  Not to mention he’s supposed to run the IRS and he can’t even keep his own damned taxes STRAIGHT?  Please spare me the “who better to fix the problem than the person who caused it” rationale – if that were the case, every person fired from a bank for embezzling should be able to get their jobs back instead of being banned for life, n’est pas?

I think Howard Dean just might be glad the Obama Administration took a pass on him for Health Secretary – with his personality, he’d had to go toe-to-toe with Rahm, because Dean would want to deal with POTUS DIRECTLY, so that shyt doesn’t get reported wrong.  Dean, who was the CHIEF ARCHITECT of the strategy that gave Obama the White House because the Democrats tried it Rahm’s way for sixteen years and all it did was give control of the Government to the ReThugs.

  • Health Care Reform Doesn’t Have a Public Option – I’m blaming Rahm because most of his damned money came from Big PhArma when he was a Congress Critter – not to mention Rahm came straight off Wall Street to the Clinton White House before he became a Congress Critter from Illinois.  So who better to convince Obama away from that Public Option?  I refuse to consider that Obama, as smart as he is, refuses to listen to the people who brought him to the dance – therefore, I must consider Mr. Obama’s being set up to FAIL.
  • Foreign Policy Legislation looks like this Administration all but takes it up the keester without KY jelly on behalf of the 51st State and AIPAC.  Rahm Emmanuel is AIPAC’s Poster Boy for Success – do I really need to say more?

Just like Jack Kennedy was surrounded by enemies, so is Barack Obama – et tu, Brutus? 

Look at everything that’s gone down in the past eight months – Rahm Emmanuel’s paw-prints are ALL OVER IT, including negotiating with terrorists, and not passing an Executive Order that invokes the Fairness Doctrine and gets bigots like Glen Beck and Fox Noise OFF THE AIR.  I’m willing to bet Emmanuel’s telling Obama to ignore that shyt – that it will die down, but the reality is, IT IS NOT GOING TO DIE DOWN, as long as sacrifices of valuable individuals who don’t need to be sacrificed, are being made.

So, where does that leave us?  It should leave us in fighting mode – fighting to get people in Obama’s Administration who really want to see him succeed as POTUS.  If Eric Holder goes too far with his investigations of past Bush Administration crimes, we will see what we have when the wingnuts get him in their sights and he gets the boot. You cannot convince me that Rahm Emmanuel has the POTUS’ best interests at heart – if anything, I see him setting up Mr. Obama to make him vulnerable to a challenge from Hillary Clinton in 2012, and that heifer will use these phuck-ups to do it.

Let’s just cut to the chase – RAHM EMMANUEL IS RUNNING SHYT, and the best way to address this is to gin up a campaign to get rid of his ass.  As much shyt as George Bush did, he wasn’t smart enough to come up with the ideas – they came from KKKarl Rove.  As many calls that came from the ReThugs for Bush to get rid of Rove, he didn’t do it, and is, therefore, credited with being the WORST.POTUS.EVER.  If President Obama wants to go down in history as being an effective, bold, decisive POTUS, he needs to do some house cleaning, starting with his Chief Of Staff.

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