In a chapter in his new book purporting to explain to “idiots” what “our Founding Fathers really intended,” Glenn Beck praises an obsolete provision of the U.S. Constitution that prohibited Congress from outlawing the slave trade before 1808 and capped taxes on the slave trade at $10 per slave. In his explanation of the provision, Beck does not mention slavery, saying instead that the provision means that the Founders apparently “felt like there was a value to being able to live here” and lamenting: “Not anymore. These days we can’t ask anything of immigrants — including that they abide by our laws.”

Also, something Mr. Beck doesn’t realize is that it was the slave OWNERS who paid the tax, not the “immigrants.” Man, I love how his argument blithely considers slaves to be immigrants just like people who chose to come here!

The irony of an idiot purporting to explain the Constitution to idiots would be funny if it weren’t so destructive to our democracy.

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