There used to be consequences and repercussions for doing bad shyt.  It could range from threatening the President of the United States to something inconsequential as not paying outstanding parking tickets.

But if there was an offense, there were consequences and repercussions.  People were held accountable for the shyt they did.  And people KNEW there was a price to be paid for doing bad shyt.

But in post-George Bush’s America, there is no consequences or repercussions. Hell, no one is even called to give an account of doing FUBARed shyt.

An honor student is killed in lynch mob-style fashion by some kids who were nothing more than stains on society.  I don’t want to hear how we should understand that they’re growing up in poverty, with one parent, or their mother is only 15 years older than these test-tube babies.  If you can beat a child to death in the street, and you’re doing it right along side of your mutant rug rats, all of you need to go to jail.  Do not pass “GO” and don’t collect your $200 dollars.

I don’t have time or emotional energy to understand vermin, and that is what the killers of Derrion Albert are.  Vermin spawned from egg recepticles and sperm donors – I will not insult one’s intelligence by calling the egg recepticles and sperm donors who spawned Derrion’s killers PARENTS.

And if Al or Jesse even smell like they want to hold vigils defending these killers like they did with the Dunbar Village monsters, every member of the NAACP or National Action Network, or any other community-service entity, should withhold CHEDDAR and refuse to finance defending the indefensible.

Then, I read on the blogs that some fool on Facebook put up a poll which asks the question “Should Obama be Killed?

The answers range from “yes” to “yes, if he cuts my health care”.  W-T-F?

Of course, that polls been taken down from the Facebook pages, but I don’t hear that the Secret Service is making any arrests for threatening the POTUS.  In the Bush Administration, that fool would be on a one-way passage to GITMO, never to be seen again.

Members of Congress are calling the President “an enemy of humanity” or “Hitler”.  They get to diss him during a State of the Union address on health care by calling him a liar.  They are not censured or in anyway punished by the Speaker of the House.

I thought, as a sitting member of Congress, you could not use your elected office to threaten the POTUS, nor to engage in acts of sedition against the United States Government. While the offenders want to holler about Freedom of Speech, at the same time, they clamp down on your ass for whining about funding the Iraq War and call your ass “Unpatriotic” for even suggesting that the money going to the Defense Department would be better spent on health care and other social programs.

There is a constitutional prohibition against seditious acts.  What I want to know is when a sitting member of Congress is publicly engaging in them, why are they not arrested by the Seargent at Arms the moment their dusty asses set foot on Capitol Hill the same way they arrested Cindy Sheehan for wearing a t-shirt that protested how many dead soldiers there were in Iraq?

If there are swift consequences and repercussions for the shyt I’ve described, that, more than having damned “kuumbaayah” discussion sessions, would deter all of this shyt and discourage lunatics from acting on their instincts to start shyt they can’t finish.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of being asked to be understanding and compassionate to those who couldn’t give two shyts about me or any other decent people on Earth.  I mean, I grew up in a single parent household beginning when I was 12 years old.  I grew up not in poverty, but hell, we sure wasn’t wealthy or even middle class.  And never in my wildest dreams did I want to beat up a kid because he or she were trying to better themselves.  If anything, I probably was in direct competition trying to be smarter than they were; competing for top prize in a spelling bee or science fair.

And my parents acted like my PARENTS.  I mean, I didn’t hang out in the clubs with them and shyt.  They made it clear that they had their contemporaries and I had mine.  My parents weren’t trying to be my best friends.

Granted, life may hand indivuals a shyt pile of hard times, setbacks, poverty, abusive or neglectful parents – the whole nine yards.  Most people were motivated by hard times to be all they could be  to succeed in life, and at no one’s expense, either.

There comes a time when people just have to own their own shyt and be held accountable for it. No rationalizations; no explanations unless the circumstances are mitigating; no requests for compassion or understanding unless it is clear cut cases of self-defense or self-preservation.

My mother used to tell my brothers and me that if we got into trouble with the law, the only way she would put up bail is if we killed someone in SELF-DEFENSE.  Therefore, if we were caught jaywalking, joy riding, robbing the 7-Eleven; she was not going to put up bail for shyt like that.  IOW, don’t do anything that would get you into trouble in the first place.

My oldest brother got busted for drug possession.  Pops said he had to pay the price.  My brother did a two year stretch in Huntsville, but by the time he was killed in a robbery attempt in 1986, he had rehabbed himself to where, while he was still in prison, he got his degree in special ed and had a job teaching special ed children when he got out.

My brother paid his consequences for drug possession.  He could have whined about how he got phucked up by being sent off to fight in Vietnam back in 1964 and how that Agent Orange got sprayed on him that led to his addiction, and, in fact, he only got the two years because he was a ‘Nam vet, which turned out to be mitigating circumstances.

So, I’m kinda tired of trying to understand shyt that’s beyond my comprehension.  I’m tired of people doing shyt and not paying the price of being held accountable (yes, Tavis, I see YOU).

Consequences and Repercussions.  It’s what’s for DINNER these days.  Or, at least, it should be.

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