I’m all for constituents getting into the grills of their respective Congress Critters if they believe their best interests are not being looked after on Capitol Hill.  That’s why the Critters have their local “Town Hall” meetings – so they can meet with their constituents and let them know what’s going on in DC and what they’re doing.  After all, your taxes pays them an average $165,000 a year to basically work a three day work week.

But when you resort to literally trying to put a foot in your Congress Critter’s ass, as many Republicans (aka ReTHUGS) are allegedly doing, you have not only jumped the shark, but your ass may catch a case.

Check this out (H/T John Amato, Crooks and Liars)

As lobbyist-run groups encourage conservative activists to “rattle” members of Congress at local town hall events, Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA), the president of the freshman Democratic class has revealed that “at least one freshman Democrat” has already been “physically assaulted at a local event.” Connolly warned that conservative groups had taken things to a “dangerous level“:

And Ms. Nancy (aka House Speaker Nancy Pelosi) is supposed to be targeted as well.   Then, if by chance, someone actually remembers THE LAW and tries to enforce it by bringing either felony assault charges, attempted manslaughter or attempted MURDER charges, these bastards are going to be hollering about their 1st Amendment rights to Freedom of Speech; their 2nd Amendment rights to bear arms and all the equal protection under the law clauses they fight so damned hard to eviscerate when POCs and women defend them.

Every POS anchor that has played a part in ratching up this shyt needs to have FCC licenses yanked, and someone needs to GO TO JAIL for inciting SEDITIOUS ACTS against its OWN GOVERNMENT.

Glenn Beck’s ass is at the top of this list, followed by Loudmouth Lou Dobbs, Sean Klannity and let’s not forget Bill “I’m a Sexual Harrassing a-hole with a Falafel” O’ Reilly.  When they are allowed to get on the airwave and agitate for the murder of abortion doctors; call the President of the United States a RACIST (and you KNOW your ass would have seen jail for even whispering “Bush” and “Bigot” in the same sentence for the last eight years), and advocate for violence in order to intimidate and subjugate those who would not be silent on issues that matter – your behavior is no better than the average thug in Southeast DC, and I’ve probably insulted DC thugs by comparing them to these POS at this point.

Only these thugs wear thousand-dollar suits and call themselves REPUBLICANS.  And their history of skull thuggery goes back to 2000 when they hijacked the Presidential election and bumrushed the election offices, starting fights with those who protested their votes didn’t get counted, or employing tactics that effectively suppressed the rights to votes, and taking this country back 40 years when the Klan didn’t want Black people exercising their rights to vote.

Those of  us in Progressiveville coined the phrase “ReThug” because the Republicans were ACTING LIKE THUGS.

There is more honor among theives as opposed to this bunch.  And Republicans who are moderate, thoughtful, intelligent – God, it must REALLY SUCK to be in the GOP right now, because you’re drowned out by these thugs and are forced to defend their asses when things blow up.

I want MC Steele-Moe Bling to once again, try and convince me why the hell I should want to consider the Republican Party when its party members are more likely to put a cap in my ass as opposed to allowing me to engage in discussion, disagreement and dissent.  They whine about the Constitution while they use it as toilet paper.

They holler about how “Patriotic” they are with those silly ass “teabagging” parties and are anything BUT PATRIOTIC.

Now, they have a group that believes they’re annointed by God and the rules don’t apply to their asses, while providing solace to the likes of perverts, and adulterous elected officials like Senator Ensign and South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford.

I know the GOP is in major meltdown right now, but I’m most concerned about how many casualties will be incurred before the Government puts their asses on LOCKDOWN.

When you act like a THUG, I’ll call you a THUG.  And if you’re in the Republican Party and carrying out this shyt in their name, I don’t call you a RETHUG for NOTHING.

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