Well, hell, Pittsburgh just got a whole lot more interesting, didn’t it? Racist and disaffected dudes with decent jobs shooting up suburban gyms? What in the hizzy is going on up there? Curious?

Come to Pittsburgh next week for Netroots Nation and find out! (Register here)

It’s funny because I was speaking to a reporter from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about Netroots Nation in my erstwhile capacity as a board member. When taking a look at our little blog here and at our tagline “A black bourgeoisie perspective on U.S. politics”, she remarked that Pittsburgh has no black middle class. Just the poor and struggling. I’m guessing that Pittsburgh has a pretty racist core worth exploring. Let’s give em a taste of the black middle class (which is the majority of African-Americans btw) and maybe inspire some of the folks living there. Show em what Black can do and be.

The other 5 reasons you should go:

  1. It’s the largest, best, most powerful and most fun gathering of progressive activists, bloggers, organizers, nonprofits, candidates, government staffers, journalists and just plain folks there is. It’s always covered by mainstream media — be where the news is at.
  2. The schedule and speakers are red-hot. Just announced today: Media supastar Baratunde Thurston AKA Jack Turner of Jack and Jill Politics will be featured in a keynote session speaking with White House Senior Adviser — the cougariffic Valerie Jarrett! Meet Baratunde AKA @thefutureof! See Valerie Jarrett! See them talk to each other. Watch the hijinks ensue!!! NOTE: You can submit questions to Baratunde and Jarrett starting now on Facebook (http://bit.ly/oGcEx) or on Twitter (#nn09jarrett or #nn09). Represent y’all.
  3. I’ll be leading the African-American Caucus again this year on Friday, Aug 14 at 1.30pm. History gets made at these sessions — get a piece a’ that.
  4. I’m also speaking on 2 panels:
    • Tweeting in the Trenches: What’s Next for Campaigning and Advocacy Online
      Description: The past eight years showed a dramatic shift in national campaigning with the introduction of blogs, social networking, online video and text messaging into presidential campaigning. Now, it is no longer the case that candidates for major elected office can be elected without a significant integrated online strategy. This panel of experts in Internet strategy for national campaigns will look back at what we’ve learned through recent elections and advocacy campaigns and predict what comes next.
    • Stepping it up: Creating Powerful Multiracial Alliances with Progressive Bloggers
      Note: I’ll be joined by JJP guest blogger Rinku Sen of the Applied Research Center and a distinguished panel of speakers.
      Description: At this critical time for our nation, the progressive blogosphere often neglects to discuss larger social justice issues, particularly those related to race and ethnicity. As a result, critical concerns like immigration enforcement and criminal justice are mostly covered by nativist and politically conservative bloggers who use a “personal responsibility” frame to dismiss any attempts at systemic change. This session will examine the importance of tackling this disparity and identify the role of progressive bloggers in shaping public policy around social justice issues. Given corporate media’s attention to issues of immigration enforcement and the revival of the comprehensive immigration reform debate in recent months, it is crucial that progressive bloggers are prepared to expand the public dialogue around these issues.
  5. There will be parties! Some with free food & booze!!! Come get your politically correct groove on with us at these great events and more.
    • 9pm-11pm: The Official “Unofficial Opening Night After-party”
      The National Blogger and Citizen Journalist Initiative invite Netroots Nation attendees to join the local Pittsburgh community at the Warhol Museum for cocktails and conversation. Sponsored by Finlandia, featuring Finlandia’s new Tangerine Vodka. The Warhol is a short walk from Netroots Nation or grab a shuttle from the Convention Center. The museum collection will be open for your viewing pleasure. Join us for a cocktail at one of Pittsburgh’s best know museums. Free for Netroots Nation attendees.
    • Gov. Howard Dean M.D. and Democracy for America Host a Healthcare Public Option Happy Hour!
      With special guests: Adam Green (PCCC and BoldProgressives.org); Jane Hamsher (FireDogLake.com); Chris Bowers (OpenLeft.com)
      Friday, August 14th | 6:00pm (or on conclusion of keynote) till 7:30pm
      No cover | Free drink tickets to first 100 attendees | Light hors d’oeuvres
    • J Street Happy Hour at Netroots Nation
      Join J Street for our Netroots Nation happy hour on Friday, August 14th, 5PM to 7PM at Tonic Bar & Grill. Tonic is located at 971 Liberty Ave on the corner of Liberty Ave and 10th Street (one block away from the Convention Center and across the street from the Westin). There will be drink specials until 7PM and we’ll provide the food.
      J Street is the political arm of the pro-Israel, pro-peace movement. J Street was founded to promote meaningful American leadership to end the Arab-Israeli and Palestinian-Israeli conflicts peacefully and diplomatically. We support a new direction for American policy in the Middle East and a broad public and policy debate about the U.S. role in the region. Learn more at http://www.jstreet.org.
      Click here for the Facebook event page

You’d best get on the good foot and register today before it’s SOLD OUT.

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