thank you, NMP1 for expressing how I feel:

from NMP1

Firstly, the idea that it’s just white folks up in arms is wrong! There is no more vocal voice threatening to vote no than Barbara Lee. And ain’t a motha fucka on this planet who can call her a sell out with a straight face. Afterall, she was the ONLY member of Congress who voted against AUMF in 2001. Lee, and other Black advocates for health care reform, are rightfully pissed with the President because they recognize that Black folks will be the ones most effected by this. This IS the civil rights battle of our generation! I love my President as much as anyone else. I walked my ass off for him during the campaign! Donated my hard earned money! And gave him my vote! I EARNED the right to tell him he has fucked up on health care reform! And no mutha fuckin’ body, including the President, is going to tell this Black bitch to shut up! If he had given as much attention to galvanizing his troops and getting this bill right as he did in his bull shit bi-partisan efforts to only get a bunch of red necks giving him his ass to kiss, we wouldn’t be in this position! When he had 70% approval rating, that was the time for him to go to the so-called blue dog Democrats and tell them to follow the leader or else. Now that’s he’s almost below 50% all he can do is bend over for those mutha fuckas without even as much as a kiss. HELL YES IT PISSES ME OFF THAT MY PRESIDENT, MY BLACK PRESIDENT, LOOKS THIS DAMN WEAK!

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