I have never written anything more painful than the topic of this post.

BOTTOM LINE: THIS COUNTRY IS RACIST.   Supposedly, America was founded on patriotic principles, and believed in a government of the people, for the people, by the people.   But, if there’s honesty, this country was built by stealing from others who already had the rights to the land and coloring history from a different, but lying perspective.

However, that does not cover up THE TRUTH.  America is a racist country – one that was founded on the backs of, and built by people who really were never considered bonifide AMERICANS.  I tell you, when I read the post my colleague Rikyrah posted on why we don’t have healthcare, I threw up my breakfast.  I’m tired of asking what more can POC do to be fully accepted and integrated into society? Even after having two grandfathers fight in World War I; a father and five uncles fight in World War II and the Korean Conflict; two brothers and four cousins get sent to Vietnam via the draft, and myself serving as an ROTC cadet in high school, winning drill team awards and rising to the rank of 1st Lieutenant while we all still got called “Nigger”, I have to ask –  When will we ALL be considered just Americans who made equal, if not GREATER contributions to developing this country?

Then, I get tired of asking the questions because, dammit, we have done FAR MORE THAN OUR SHARE, and the bitter old white guys sitting in the annals of Congress still don’t want to accept those facts.  These fools are still fighting the damned Civil WAR, and pretending like the South is kicking the North’s ass.  I know if there was time travel capabilities, these bastards would happily climb into a time travel capsule and re-fight the War with the outcome they really wanted.

Want proof of how racist this country REALLY IS?

Let’s start with something basic – history says Christopher Columbus “discovered” America, but really, how the hell do you discover a land that already HAS PEOPLE LIVING ON IT?  The Native Americans – INDIANS, from all tribal walks of life, WERE HERE FIRST! A holiday was created behind the myth that the Pilgrims and the Indians lived in relative peace and broke bread together – that holiday is known as THANKSGIVING.

Then, as history moves Westward, you find the original Mexican border extended as far north as the lower half of  what is now known as the state of Texas, and as far West as what is now known as the Pacific Northwest, including most of what is now known as the State of California.  If the land wasn’t inhabited by Native Americans, the Mexicans had it.  When gold and silver were discovered (and keep in mind as far as the Native Americans were concerned, they had no interest in gold), white guys decided that both the Mexicans and Indians were “savages” that had to be “dealt with” and pushed that Mexican border to where it stands today, and bumrushed the Indians to postage stamp sized parcels of land that wouldn’t even field the 40 acres Black people were promised when they freed US from slavery.

And the current irony is that the Native Americans, trying to eke out a living on those postage-stamp sized parcels of land (granted casinos might not be the way to go, but who’s going to allow them to put a Ritz-Carlton Hotel on it?), are now fighting with the American Government as to what THEY can do with THEIR land.

Far from Custer’s Last Stand being valiant – let’s break it down; the white guys wanted that gold in the Dakota Black Hills and between Sitting Bull, Dull Knife and Crazy Horse, they turned the greed of Custer’s bosses against him and basically sacrificed him and the lives of over 250 troops who got whipped by over 4000 Native Americans.

I don’t think I need to take up space regarding our ancestors.  They got a boat ride they didn’t want or need – and got placed into servitude where we were divided along color shade lines and taught to drink from the bitter well of self-hatred that has dealt us psychological consequences we deal with TO THIS DAY.  Not wanting to allow people to have universal healthcare because old, bitter white guys are afraid POCs will live longer, fuller, healthier lives (translation – we might outlive their racist asses as well as the generations they’re passing that shyt on to) – well, Black People are used to bearing another CROSS.  In fact, our backs should be STRONG from all the crosses we’ve had to bear, and we’re not finished yet.  Who knows – this country may decide another Tuskegee Experiment is in the cards for us – but if WE have healthcare, they don’t get to gunnea pig us AGAIN.

Hollywood has consistently tried to portray events like the Alamo, and Custer’s Last Stand as brave, heroic efforts to make America into the great country she is supposed to be, but the reality was that the Native Americans were sitting on that gold, and the Mexicans were trying to hang on to their land because both ethnicities got a taste of what life would really be like if the white guy got his hands on their land, and guess what?

They were RIGHT. And someone needs to remind them of those facts when they want to start believing they’re superior to African-Americans.  Unlike African-Americans, they already had land, property, inalienable rights – and had them TAKEN AWAY.

Plymouth Rock fell on their asses, too.  They got taken, just like we did.  Bamboozled and Run Amok.  And I already told y’all about Bitter Old White Guys.  They want to re-write history but can’t without LYING about it.

So now we come to the 21st Century, and bitter old white guys who are in charge of this country, continue to make this country a Racist Country.  We are the laughing stock on a global scale,  because  the countries wonder what the hell is wrong with America that she can’t learn from her bigoted past and move forward to be as great as her promise? Many nations hoped that by electing an African-American as President, America might be getting ready to attempt to shed her bigoted past, but thanks to:

  • Bitter old white guys who harass, coerce and intimidate their POC and female colleagues into blocking legislation that would take this country one tiny step closer to escaping her bigoted past;
  • Bitter old white guys that allow Klansmen like Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Lou Dobbs and Glenn Beck to continue roaming the airwaves and incite the ignorant to commit violence against members of Congress at Town Hall meetings while concealing the fact that they get them to vote against their own damned interests;
  • When you can get on television and call the President of the United States a Racist and threaten his life on a daily basis without someone going to jail;

When something as simple as universal healthcare is stymied because of no good reason except the beneficiaries just might be People of Color or Ethnicity , I have come to the same conclusion as AG Eric Holder, and I wish the President hadn’t tried to retrieve those remarks.


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