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From the Minneapolis Star-Tribune

I have recently learned that I have been classified as one of the “mob” all because I do not agree with the president’s health care plan, aka ObamaCare. We who oppose this plan are told to keep silent. Yes, the First Amendment does not apply to us on this issue.

Let’s set the record straight: This issue is not about your health care, but about Democrats in Washington securing their votes and power.

The Democrats are known for creating programs, which are the instruments used to control the people. When these programs become law, the public may grow dependent upon these programs, and their vote is then secured by the Democrats, in fear that the program could sunset. It’s called buying votes.

Recently we have witnessed cap and trade, Obama Motors, and now ObamaCare. Capitalism is slowly being taken over by socialism.

If you are one of the “mob,” please do not remain silent. Speak out in opposition to the Obama administration’s wanting to control your life, and the erosion of capitalism and your liberties.


he’s right. has nothing to do with medical treatment. has to do with political power. wonder if Mr. Frazier is on Medicare, are his parents on Medicare, any relatives are veterans receiving care at the VA….you know, all those government-run ‘socialist’ programs.

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