It may look like the NAACP as well as the efforts of other grassroots have paid off in getting a new hearing for this brotha:

WASHINGTON (AFP) – The US Supreme Court on Monday ordered that Troy Davis, a high-profile death row inmate, should receive a new hearing to determine whether evidence not available at his trial could prove him innocent.

“The district court should receive testimony and make findings of fact as to whether evidence that could have been obtained at the time of the trial clearly establishes petitioner’s innocence,” the court said.

Davis, who is black, was sentenced to death in 1989 for the murder of Mark Allen MacPhail, a white policeman, in Savannah, Georgia. He has always proclaimed his innocence.

The weapon used in the murder was never found, and neither DNA nor fingerprints implicated Davis in the crime.

In 1981, nine witnesses testified against him, but seven of them have said that they were pressured by police to incriminate Davis.

Maybe the SCOTUS has decided they want that credibility that they used to have, restored when they lost their minds, abdicated their responsibilities as impartial jurists and decided a Presidential election almost ten years ago.  With a new trial, this brotha should be walking out of prison in a few months – and be able to say he walked away from DEATH ROW.  What a memoir he could write, and he needs to have John Burris on speed dial to sue the state of Georgia for wrongfully imprisoning him in the first place because of their bigotry.

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