Hey fam,

The past 18 months have been insane around here. We thought we’d put out an explicit call for comments on the direction, tone and substance of Jack and Jill Politics to see where yall are with what’s going down. We’ve got new writers, much more media exposure, a ridiculous amount of comments and more widgets than you can shake a stick at. We’re looking for feedback from everyone, especially those of you who never comment. I’m talking to you, lurkers!

Check out this short video I did asking for your feedback then complete our survey

Again, the main areas we’re interested in:

  • Writing: Feedback on the writing volume, style and substance. Do we have enough writers? Are we covering (or sharing and opining) on the topics of interest to you? What would you like to see more/less of in the editorial department around here?
  • Tech infrastructure: You can now leave comments with Disqus or your facebook login. We’ve got mad widgets, an expanding blogroll and hella video embeds. How’s this working out? Is the site crashing your computer? Too slow? Confusing? Would you like easier ways to share JJP content.
  • Community: How do you feel about the tone of the discussion in the comments? If you’ve never left a comment or used to and don’t anymore, why not? Should there be more policing of comments? Explicit guidelines?


You can also feel free to freestyle in the comments on this subject, but we’d really love you to use the survey. I’ll make this post sticky for a few days so everyone sees it.

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