I just caught the piece from Steele over at CNN.com.

I’m keeping this short and sweet so our readers have some informational nuggets as Republicans attempt to bury the public with explosive words.

His first complaint – The Stimulus Failed

In total, more than 2.6 million jobs have been lost since Obama took office. But what has the president’s stimulus bill brought us, if not the jobs he promised?

Fact: Only 10% of the stimulus has been spent. The economic situation (during Bush) was way worse than what was measured. I’m guessing President 43 didn’t keep his papers in order, so, we’ll just have to be patient. In fact, there are many hurdles projects need to clear to meet certain guidelines to make sure the money is spent wisely.

His second complaint – Cap and Trade Sux

This bill is nothing more than a national energy tax, plain and simple. Its sole purpose is to increase the cost of energy so that Americans might use less.

Fact: A cap and trade system model is in existence and has proven to reduce long-term environment al cost. The Acid Rain Program from the Clean Air Act was proven to have reduced the levels of acid rain between 1980 and 2007 by 80%. What’s more, the system is meant to model an exchange of these credits on the free and open market, a concept the Republicans are always defending. Which is it?

His third complaint – Health Care Reform is Mad Scary

The president claims that more government involvement in health care will promote competition. However, creating such a government-run entity would result in a massive government health care monopoly.

Fact: The group he cites (the Lewin Group) as an opponent to Obama’s plan actually wrote in conjunction with another group to support a national health exchange, EXACTLY like what Obama is proposing. Ignoring the fact that the government protects us WELL through the FDIC, our military, our food and drug, our automobile safety, and our elder’s retirement, the proposed plan clarifies:

  1. Establish a national insurance exchange that offers a choice of private plans and a new public plan
  2. Require everyone to have coverage, with income-related premiums to make coverage affordable
  3. Institute insurance market reforms that focus competition on outcomes and value

The results of doing this are:

  1. Extend affordable coverage to all
  2. Improve population health
  3. Reduce the growth in national health spending by a cumulative $3 trillion by 2020


Just the numbers (from the same report):

Mr. Steele. Just the facts please. None of that nonsense.

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