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I am NOT Afraid.
by Muzikal203
Wed Aug 05, 2009 at 09:33:53 AM PDT
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I know lots of you disagree with me, but I am not afraid for President Obama’s life. I have never been afraid for his life. Yes, I realize there are crazy people out there and there are “more” threats against Obama’s life than any other recent President. The only thing that surprised me when I heard that was that it’s only 30 a day. But still I’m not afraid.

Yes, I’m Black, but I never even entertained the thought of not supporting Obama because I was afraid someone would kill him.

Yes, I know he had to get Secret Service protection earlier in the campaign than anyone else who didn’t already have it.

I know these things. I know racism is still alive and well. But I am not afraid.

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Perhaps it’s because I’m part of that younger generation who has largely gotten this far in life without being subjected to outright racism. We came about when the racists were the minority, not the majority. Racism wasn’t the law of the land when we were born. Perhaps it’s because I never thought my own life was in danger because I’m Black.

I agree that racism is alive and thriving in some areas of this country and among some racial groups, but that group is largely becoming even more of a minority than it was before. Most of the country watching what’s going on are appalled, they aren’t cheering these wackos on. Those racists who are so proud to be racist are the MINORITY. Obama’s election did not create any racists who weren’t already that way. Maybe before his election those people were doing a better job of “hiding” their racism, but they were still racists. There are some people out there who just hate Obama regardless of his skin color, just like there were people out there who hated every president. That’s just life.

I trust the Secret Service to keep him safe.

Racism is a real problem in America, mostly because no one seems to want to deal with it. People complain about it constantly, but don’t really want to do anything to remedy it because it may not be politically expedient.

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