You know, black people love a good conspiracy. God knows we’ve been victim of a few such as the Tuskegee Experiment and Juneteenth, etc. And there are the crackpot ones like how the gubment gave black folks AIDS and crack (not true btw, the powers that be just mostly declined to do much about either crisis for quite awhile). However, this rightwing conspiracy proves that Fox and Racist Rush Limbaugh are beginning to feel the heat from their lies on healthcare reform. They’re accusing the White House of creating an “enemies list” at flag <at> Craziness. I love the fact that ordinary people are fighting back. You know what they say — if you can’t stand the heat then get out of the kitchen & stop cookin’ up that hot mess of hot air. Apparently this new fiction is so tasty, Fox “Faux” News has decided to serve it 24/7 of late.

Here’s a nasty plate of it from Media Matters which is doing a great job of tracking the mess:

Conservative media have baselessly suggested that people who reportedly claim to have received unsolicited email from White House adviser David Axelrod may have been added to a White House “enemies list” after emails they sent that were critical of the Obama administration were purportedly forwarded to These media figures have failed to provide any credible evidence in support of this conspiracy theory.

Limbaugh: “If you’re getting an email from Axelrod and the White House, I guarantee you it’s a result of the snitch website.” From the August 14 edition of Premiere Radio Networks’ The Rush Limbaugh Show:

LIMBAUGH: The White House is gathering an enemies list. People are getting emails from Joe [sic] Axelrod, and they don’t know how they got their address. It’s the snitch website. You people understand what’s happen — people are sending in stories and emails. If you’re getting an email from Axelrod and the White House, I guarantee you it’s a result of the snitch website. The White House is clearly out of whack.

Fox’s Kelly asks if White House is using alleged “database” of dissenters “to market its own personal message.”

MEGYN KELLY (co-host): Well, is the White House collecting the emails of those who disagree with its health care policy? First, the White House asked Americans to forward to it the emails of those who raised fishy claims about health care, which some say pits Americans against their fellow Americans. Two days ago, I asked the deputy White House spokesman what the White House does with the emails of those people who are complaining, the so-called fishy. Here’s part of that exchange.


KELLY: On the heels of that, Major Garrett asked press secretary Robert Gibbs about reports that some who say they never provided their email to the White House now say the White House is nevertheless contacting them.


KELLY: The point is, does the White House have some database of emails of people who have complained about the health care reform efforts? And is it then using that database to market its own personal message or for some other reason? Or is it just keeping it in storage, where it will ultimately become public record and somebody else might compile it for a nefarious reason? [Fox News’ America’s Newsroom, 8/14/09]

Fox & Friends baselessly suggests link between and unsolicited emails.

BRIAN KILMEADE (co-host): I remember Richard Nixon had that enemies list. Everyone talks about that, because he’s caught on tape saying, you know, “Let’s get our enemies. Let’s round them up, and let’s target them.” And that’s a problem. And is that something that’s happening right now?

STEVE DOOCY (co-host): Well, it is just a — it’s just a little scary because last week or 10 days ago we heard about that snitch list — if you see something fishy about health care send it to And then you’ve got all these people who are getting spammed, and now for the White House to blame third parties and a glitch, I don’t know if that’s enough, because if you send an email to somebody else and suddenly that group puts you on the list at the White House, and then the White House spams you, something’s really the matter with that. [Fox & Friends, 8/17/09]

More, so much more over at Media Matters. Peep it y’all and weep it. These people are sick and filled with hate. Our work to fight back against the smears and kick these chumps off the airwaves continues.

You can let the jokers know we’re watching them and are not going to let them spread their poison here:

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