The bottom line is that Barack Obama and Congress are trying to help Americans have better healthcare coverage. Even if you are lucky enough to have insurance, we all know that don’t mean diddly no more. We are all at the mercy of what insurance companies decide willy-nilly to cover — or not. They might also just decide to drop you cuz you cost too much with your sick-ass self. I had to go to the emergency room recently and right there while I’m stretched out on a gurney this guy walks in and tells me I have to give him a $100 co-pay. I feebly reached in my purse but my lord! If that’s the co-pay, god help me when I get the rest of the bill. Look, Democratic National Committee is running a new ad to help edu-macate the ignant on why healthcare reform would be a really really useful thing that will mean we start getting more for our hard-earned dollar dollar billz y’all. Under a revamped healthcare system, there would be a little sumpin’ sumpin’ for you, for me, for all of us.

The Democratic National Committee’s newest ad, “Something In It For All Of Us,” touches on a key point that the President will address during a town hall today: eliminating the practice of denying Americans health insurance coverage based on pre-existing conditions. It also addresses other insurance reforms that will benefit all Americans including ending the practice of insurance companies dropping people’s coverage because they’ve gotten too sick and capping outrageous out of pocket expenses. These three reforms are part of eight Health Insurance Guarantees President Obama announced recently – iron clad commitments to end unfair insurance company practices – which will drastically improve the nation’s health insurance for all Americans.

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