CNN is refusing to air this ad going after the health insurance industry to stop their attacks on healthcare reform. It’s ludicrous: CNN won’t air the ad because “it unnecessarily singles out an individual company and person.” Um, they’re not saying that anything in the ad is false or libelous. Just that it somehow makes someone at CNN uncomfortable for some reason. Wow — the forces are lining up to make sure we stay broke and unhealthy. Please help us fight back and tell CNN to air this ad!

The healthcare insurance lobby will stop at nothing to stop Obama and stop change. They’ve given Sen. Max Baucus almost twice as much money in donations to make him their boot-lickin’ lackey and in Nebraska, there’s a fake progressive blogger named Kyle Michaelis, whose sole role in life is to try and provide cover for Sen. Ben Nelson of NE to stall healthcare reform. Here’s the tv ad and campaign that Progressive Change Campaign Committee and Democracy for America launched on Sun at and check out how Michaelis and Nelson tried to wiggle out from under the heat.

As Kombiz Lavasny says over at DailyKos:

It’s hard to have a conversation about health insurance reform when you can’t talk about the health insurers who are made the health insurance mess in the first place and are profiting while 14,000 Americans lose their health insurance daily. They have always had the power to stop disqualifying people with pre-existing conditions, “rescinding” policies when policy holders get seriously ill, and raising premiums based on past medical history. But they haven’t done any of those things because it would hurt their bottom line.

Please take a second to sign this petition demanding that CNN air the ad. Healthcare reform isn’t going to happen without a fight. Do it for the person you know in your life who’s gotten screwed by health insurance or doesn’t have it at all.

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