It was either this pic or one of Condoleeza Rice in an Army Uniform, and that wouldn’t be fair to Ms. Rice

I don’t care where you are, what you do or where you go.  You can always find a House Negro to do the bidding of covering up for Massa’s dirty work.

I swear, a House Negro is like death and taxes – always certain and unhappily, unescapable.

The character in “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”, the slave, Tom, has been maligned, because he went along with Massa to cover up the fact that the slaves were running away to freedom.  There is a difference between sacrificing in the best interests of someone else, and preserving your own self interests at the EXPENSE of everyone else.

Meet the Cambridge Police Officers who are trying to tell the rest of us that the Police Officer that arrested Harvard Professor Skip Gates isn’t a racist – Officers Kelly King and Leon Lashley, courtesy of the Field Negro.  Ms. King is so damned outraged at what happened to her “colleague” she’s vowing never to vote for the President again.

The Field Negro got pissed:

I am not in a good mood. The house Negroes are winning. Pretty soon massa will have to build a brand new wing on that bitch to accommodate all of them. See it’s like this: Here in A-merry-ca
good Negroes get to set the dialogue when it comes to race and race relations, because good Negroes never rock the boat or upset the status quo. Good Negroes always make us feel comfortable about ourselves and our beautiful country built on racial harmony. Lately, good Negroes are all the rage. Kelly King and Leon Lashley are good Negroes. They can always be counted on to dismiss the field Negroes and their racism chasing habits. Good Negroes don’t worry about racism because their white friends and bosses are sooooo good to them. A good Negro will always have a job and a place in the house here in A-merry-ca. To white folks, good Negroes are like pets, and we all know how white folks feel about their pets. Good Negroes feed into all the stereotypes so that white folks don’t have to worry about offending them. For instance, if you are white and you have a good Negro over to your house, do you want to be constantly worrying what Negroes eat? Or do you want to be able to say: Honey, we are having some Negroes over, do we have enough Kool-Aid and friend chicken?……let me stop…. *trying to type and get serious, trying to type and get serious*

So I am watching Tina Brown (Editor of the “Daily Beast”) this morning and she was talking about her article which dissed his O ness for getting off his health care message and falling victim to —as she said on “Morning Joe”— this “distraction”. See, for people like Tina Brown, race is just a “distraction.” That’s what good Negroes do for white folks, they make race a “distraction”. For some of us Negroes, it’s a little more than that. It’s something we live with every fucking day. Even if we are considered the successful ones, or the ones who have “made” it. (Just ask Skippy Gates and his 56% white ass. I bet he is not a good Negro anymore.) Distraction? Hey, I want universal health care as much as the next bleeding heart liberal. But guess what? If every A-merry-can is guaranteed health care but poor and minority people are still treated differently when they go to have it administered, we will be right back at square one. So yes, I would say the problem of race in A-merry-ca is more than just a little “distraction.”

Anyway, I don’t want to spoil the party. Tomorrow it’s beer for the boyz at the White House, and his O ness will throw back some brews with the liar, Jim Crow, (Thanks Rippa) and the good doctor. (Boy I would love to be a fly on the White House wall) I wonder if his O ness will tell the men that some republiklans in congress are trying to pass a bill to force him to apologize to his new beer buddy? Yes, you read right, they are trying to move a bill through the house to force O bama to apologize because they think he abused his presidential power. See, that’s what happens when the man thinks you are no longer being a good Negro. He tries to force your ass to be a good Negro by passing laws and shit. Poor Obama, deep in his heart he knows that the SOB is a liar, (I bet Michelle won’t be there. I don’t think Michelle is a good Negro, do you?) but what can he do? He already promised to have ole Jim over to pound back some brews. He can’t back out now. He told the entire country for crying out loud.

After it’s over they will all go to the White House lawn, have a quick press conference, and there will be plenty I love you mans to go around.

I have to learn to be a good Negro.  I wonder if there is a good Negro school somewhere?

If there is such a school, I will have to do like Randall Robinson and Quit America, cause I can’t go out like that.

Y’all know I’m prone to put on the tinfoil hat…sometimes too much, but homegirl’s, “vigorous” defense of her white colleague, got me to thinking, as I’m sure, most sistas are thinking…..her defense goes waaayyyy beyond protecting her job.  I mean, did any higher-ups in the Cambridge PD order girlfriend to go and defend him or she would be back to pounding a beat if she didn’t?  If they did, she has tailor-made lawsuits of her own, just like Lucia Whalen might have if it’s proven Officer Crowley lied about what she said in his report (and it’s looking like he’s trying to use her to cover up his lying in his police report).

Nah, I can’t say what I’m speculating because I don’t want to slander anyone.  But it sure makes me wonder why be a House Negro when there’s no obvious benefit, apart from saving her job, to it? (Cue Arsenio Hall going “Hmmmm” here)

Like I said, you can always find a House Negro.  Why they choose that route may be as simple as job security, or as complex as assimilation or acceptance by the white man.  But you can always find one.

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