From Town:

It’s funny how some people mock non-whites for getting an education by claiming they are “acting white.”

I have long held the belief that the “doing well in school = acting white” thing was started up by racist whites.

I think it’s interesting that most of the 80s era rappers were college students/college graduates and they all had on the HBCU T-shirts…but when Corporate America got their hands on rap you never heard a rapper again talk about black pride and you never saw an HBCU t-shirt on a rapper again.

I think it’s curious that conservatives tell blacks/hispanics they’re being discriminated against because they don’t have any education…but when the black/hispanic gets an education they tell them that education doesn’t mean anything.

I think it’s interesting that conservatives/GOP admonish hispanics for not knowing English and tell them they better learn English, no Spanish allowed…but when hispanics try to learn English, they are mocked.

Maybe the problem in this society isn’t education, because it really doesn’t matter if blacks and hispanics go to school and get an education because many whites will regard somebody like Palin, who went to 5 colleges in 6 years, has no command of the English language and is intellectually incurious as much more smarter and qualified than a black/hispanic summa cum laude graduate of an Ivy League school who continously strives to learn.

I suspect RayRay in the hood knows this. He doesn’t need a State of the Black Union to tell him what he already knows.

I think black and hispanic communities should stress education NOT as a way to assimilate and gain acceptance into the larger white society (that’s never going to happen) but stress education as a way to build up their own communities instead.

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