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Town 13 hours ago

Interesting none of the chatterboxes mentioned Obama’s “joke” that if he tried to get into his own house (whether it be Chicago or the White House) he’d be shot.

NOBODY’s mentioned that part of what he said and in my opinion THAT is the statement they’re truly pissed off about, not the “stupidly” remark. THAT was the statement that caused them to think Obama “chose sides” because Obama was letting them know that he might be the President, but he knows he’s still a NIGGA in many people’s eyes.

That WHITE HOUSE/SHOT comment is what’s really causing the discomfort; nobody wants to address it because if they do address it they’d have to admit that he’s right, and that Gates’ comment about being black in America was grounded in truth. White people hate what Obama said because they know it’s true and it makes them uncomfortable and the black people who wish he hadn’t made the statement feel that Obama basically said on the White House podium “I might be the POTUS but I’m still just a nigga.”

And if Obama, the PRESIDENT of the freaking UNITED STATES, is still just a nigga, what does that make the rest of us black people?

Town breaking it down.

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