It only took a national outcry and the public failure of their pitiful and belated “it’s a safety issue — not racism!” excuse for them to change their mind. Oh, and the advice of their own legal counsel.

I’m with Alethea Wright, the director of the Creative Steps day camp.  Despite the outpouring of support, love and outrage for what they’ve been put through —

“These children are scarred. How can I take those children back there?”

CNN does a good job with the update. I like Wright a lot btw: she is my new hero. Creative Steps should sue.

The development came during a hastily called Sunday afternoon meeting of the Valley Club in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania. Club members voted overwhelmingly to try to work things out with the day-care center, which accused some swim club members of making racist comments to black and Hispanic children contracted to use the pool, said Bernice Duesler, the club director’s wife.

Duesler said the club canceled its contract with the Creative Steps day-care because of safety, crowding and noise concerns, not racism.

“As long as we can work out safety issues, we’d like to have them back,” she told CNN.

She said the club has been subpoenaed by the state Human Rights Commission, which has begun a fact-finding investigation, “and the legal advice was to try to get together with these camps, ” Duesler added.

Alethea Wright, Creative Steps’ director, said, “They should have done that before.”

Your phone calls, emails, comments here on JJP and on-the-scene protests made a difference. The word is out: It’s a new day and old school racism don’t play. Pick on our kids and we will come for you. And we will show the world what you are. And we will make you change.

Ha! I smell victory. And racist flop sweat. Good work, y’all. Thank you. Let’s keep it up. Obviously, there’s still work to be done.

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