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I had a “discussion” on a message board about this issue.

A poster claimed that obviously the officer needed more proof that Gates was who he said he was.

I asked a simple question: why wasn’t Gates’ government ID and employment ID, both of which had his address on it, sufficient enough proof of residence? Why did the officer have to search for more proof that Gates belonged in the house?

I was called all sorts of race baiters and racists, to which I replied, “that’s nice, but you still haven’t answered the question: why wasn’t Gates’ government issued ID sufficient enough proof of residence?

The poster replied, well OBVIOUSLY the officer felt that wasn’t sufficient enough proof and felt more comfortable with Harvard verifying who Gates was.

Again I asked, why wasn’t the government ID enough proof? Why did the officer have to call Gates’ employer for verification to feel comfortable?

And I was accused of wanting to call the poster a racist. To which I replied, racism is your problem. Why wasn’t the government ID enough proof?

I never did get an answer. These people have a meme in their mind that black people are out to get whitey and nothing’s going to change that. You can’t reason with them, you can’t talk sense into them. The local talk show guy said that Obama was being racist Wednesday night; Sean Hannity claimed that Rev. Wright taught Obama and Michelle Obama all about racism blah blah.

These people are having meltdowns because their white America is disintegrating before their eyes. And like I said in another thread, it seems to be one specific white ethnic group leading the charge against Obama. I don’t know how important that is but it sure is interesting that most of the leading voices against Obama come from one particular group.


So, White people, just so as all us Negroes will know next time…


If it’s NOT a workplace ID…

If it’s NOT a State of MASSACHUSETTS issued Drivers License….

Don’t say United States Passport, because:
1. It doesn’t have your address on it, and that was SUPPOSED to be what was in question with Dr. Gates
2. Only 27% of Americans have one. I’m willing to bet real money that Dr. Gates is among that much are you willing to bet that the officer has one?



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