It must really suck to be an African-American in the GOP these days.

Not because of your values or beliefs or core ideology.

Maybe because as each day passes, you are continually being confronted with the fact that despite your best efforts, you can’t escape the fact that there are some die-hard bigots in your political party – the one that claims to be the party of Abe Lincoln, who’s claim to fame is the Emancipation Proclaimation freeing the slaves.

Uh-huh.  And yes, there are an equal number of bigots in the Democratic Party (which explains why they continue to shoot themselves in the foot on issues that are slam-dunk wins, but I digress), but when they succumb to the temptation to pull out their hood and robe, there is generally a Paul Wellstone, a Ted Kennedy or now, an AL FRANKEN around on the floor of Congress to call out their asses and tell them to either shut up that noise or get a beat down right out of the party.

Seems like someone in your party would have put that beat-down on one Senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, and his pals, Senator (Ms.) Lindsay Graham, and the crazy one, Senator Jim Coburn, but y’all as quiet as mice pissing on cotton.  Especially after what the Field Negro is saying:

The irony of this entire episode is so thick that you could cut it with a knife. Sessions, himself, was shot down for a federal bench because of his little race problem, and now, like a bad horror movie, the GOP has brought him back. This time to be their face of these confirmation hearings. Nice.

This cannot sit well with my black friends in the republiklan party (Oh yes, I am on them again) and some of them have not been shy about making their feelings known about it. I can’t say that I blame them. I would be pissed off as well. You would think my fiends (that’s a typo but I am leaving it. It fits) from the party of Lincoln (oh, and let’s not forget MLK) would be smarter than this. Alienating an entire voting block (Hispanics) by having your racist front man beat up on one of their own might be good red meat (no pun intended) to throw to your base, but it’s dumb politics.

I totally agree with the Field on this one regarding Jeff Sessions.  Told y’all he’s going batshyt at the thought that someone he thinks should be cleaning his house or cutting his grass is probably going to get a seat at the Big Table he was denied back in 1986 because he was too much of a bigoted cracker even for the William Buckley crowd:

… The man flat out denied that he was a racist at his own confirmation hearing. “I am not a racist” Now tell me, if the man was a racist for crying out loud, would he have said that? Ahhh yes. In fact, that is exactly why he would say it. Here is the thing: if you have to declare that you are not a racist, there is a pretty good chance that you just might be one. Ok wise guy, consider this:

“A few years ago, when Sessions appeared on “Meet the Press” to discuss confirmations, he found himself staring at an old image of Kennedy speaking in 1986. “Mr. Sessions is a throwback to a shameful era which I know both black and white Americans thought was in our past,” Kennedy said. It wasn’t something Sessions enjoyed reliving.

‘That was the most unkind thing that has ever been said about me,’ Sessions says. ‘it was exceedingly painful to hear someone of that prominence make that statement, and it was hurtful because it wasn’t true.”’ 

Like I said,  if you’re an Afrcan-American in the GOP these days, it must POSITIVITELY SUCK to be there having to listen to this shyt and trying to defend the mofos that spew it because they are party members JUST LIKE YOU.

Especially since Hip-Hop MC Steele Moe Bling is on the warpath trying to sell your party to the likes of US.  News Flash – HE AIN’T DOING TOO GOOD. Not when you’re offering to bring the Fried Chicken and Potato Salad to the party in an attempt to WOO Black People.  And y’all know some of us might damn well go just to get that two-piece and a biscuit from Hip-Hop Mike (h/t Field Negro).

What, no Watermelon?  No Super-Sized Grape Soda or Red Kool-Aid?  Big Mama’s Peach Cobbler or Aunt Ticey’s Pound Cake?  (eye roll)

Oh, so that noise I head was the collective groan from Black Republicans at Mike Steele’s talking points.

What is must be to be Black and in the GOP.  Tell us what else you have in store to “Woo” us to your party.  Even though the Democrats continue to piss us off, at least we get to break out cans of Whip-Ass when they act like they’re going to lose their doggone minds.

What do you guys do when you have to contend with someone like Jeff Sessions, or Rush Limbaugh, who really is the Head of Your Political Party these days?

Don’t worry, I’ll wait….(cue Katt Williams impression)



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