Uh huh.

On last night’s Rachel Maddow show, here’s MSNBC’s Resident Racist, well, being who we know him to be:

Maddow: Why do you think that 108 of the 110 Supreme Court Justices have been white?

Buchanan: White men built this country. White men drafted the Constitution. Almost all the people who fought on the beaches of Normandy were white men.

White men built this country?

Oh really?

Actually, they didn’t. The economic foundation of this country is built upon SLAVERY, Pat Buchanan. It is on the backs of AFRICAN SLAVES, for HUNDREDS of years of FREE LABOR, upon which this country was built. Find an industry in this country, and it was built upon SLAVERY.

Black people are a Founding Population of this country, Buchanan.

You want the TRUEST Americans, Buchanan – look no further than the Black folks that you so blithely dismiss.

Because, you’ve never once had to find a REASON to fight FOR this country. To actually THINK about it in any seriousness, and then decide, ‘Yes, America is a country worth fighting for. ‘ Your mindless version of patriotism is so shallow and insincere, it’s an utter farce. I don’t believe, for all your patriotic yammering, that your ass put on an uniform to actually DEFEND this country…which puts you in good company with a whole lot of chickenhawks named Cheney, Limbaugh, etc. Name one, and somehow, there’s some EXCUSE as to why you didn’t fight for this country when the opportunity availed itself.

You want TRUE PATRIOTISM – how about men like my Father, and millions like him, who put on the uniform for this country, risking their lives for this country, when, officially on the LAWBOOKS, my father and others for generations, were SECOND CLASS CITIZENS.

THAT is a patriot.

You are a poseur.

A racist poseur.

There were nearly a million Black men who fought for this country during WWII, though none of the movies nor newsreels from that time would indicate such. Why would they – those men were putting their lives on the line in a SEGREGATED ARMY that treated German PRISONERS OF WAR better than Black soldiers.

The Black people who get a paycheck from MSNBC won’t tell you what they REALLY think about you, but why don’t you try this:

Go to the local barbershop and start spouting your racist BS and see what happens.

We’re not going to the Back of the Bus.

No matter what you might think.

And Sotomayor isn’t going to clean your house.

The TRUE beneficiaries of Affirmative Action?


I’ll say it again.


And until that bit of truth slips past your lips, your condemnation of Affirmative Action will be seen for what it is and has always been:


Sonia Sotomayor, a Phi Beta Kappa from Princeton….who has more judicial experience than any nominee in 70 years…

Is unqualified?

But Sarah Palin, Miss 4 colleges in 5 years …and we’ve STILL not seen PROOF of her degree..

Oh, SHE’s qualified, says BuKKKanan.


MSNBC must take responsibility for their actions in putting this racist on our tv screen. What the hell must this mofo say to get himself FIRED?

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