Michael Steele is once again embarrassing black people everywhere with his disgusting lies and toadying for an insurance industry that is crippling the American economy and denying healthcare to millions. At the end of the clip, Steele is asked what his insurance carrier is and — he’s not sure! You know, most Americans lucky enough to have healthcare know what their carrier is. It just shows how privileged and out of touch he really is.

“What company is it?” host Kyra Phillips asks in the clip.

“Blue Cross Blue Shield I believe,” Steele replies. “Or maybe not. I think it is Blue Cross Blue Shield.”

From the Organizing For America Blog (emphasis mine):

Last week, Republican Senator Jim DeMint made it pretty clear why the opponents of health care reform are fighting so hard. As he told a special interest attack group, “If we’re able to stop Obama on this, it will be his Waterloo. It will break him.” Here’s how the President responded:

Think about that. This isn’t about me. This isn’t about politics. This is about a health care system that is breaking America’s families, breaking America’s businesses and breaking America’s economy. And we can’t afford the politics of delay and defeat when it comes to health care. Not this time, not now. There are too many lives and livelihoods at stake.

Guys like DeMint and slave-catchin’ Steele may fantasize about breaking Barack like he’s Kunta Kente or something. But we ain’t letting that happen. Naw suh. During the blogger call with Obama and senior advisors yesterday evening, David Axelrod said (from my shaky notes):

There are those on the Hill who want to “break Obama” through delay. But there are millions of Americans who are being broken everyday and every year. We need everyone to know what we’re fighting for and that we need reform now.

Please get educated and get moving. During the blogger call on healthcare, Obama said he would be judging healthcare legislation according to the following parameters — will it:

  • Cover all Americans
  • Drive down costs over the long term for both the private and public sector
  • Improve quality
  • Strengthen prevention and wellness
  • Enact real insurance reforms that end exclusions for preexisting conditions, etc.
  • Relief to small businesses
  • Create a robust public option

That really doesn’t sound radical to me. Sounds sensible and practical to me, actually.  Something that the White House should consider is getting up more info online to help debunk some of the garbage being spewed about what’s being proposed on Capitol Hill.

We will have to fight and fight hard to have the President’s back against the cynical creeps and the sellouts. We’ll have to ensure that we finally get the healthcare our families deserve. Stop Steele — Email or Call Congress today.

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