President Obama to speak at A Capitol Fourth on the 4th of July
July 3, 11:10 AM

July 4, 2009 marks America’s 233rd birthday. Celebrating live from the nation’s capitol, the PBS program, A Capitol Fourth, will mark festivities culminating in a glorious fireworks display. President Obama will deliver a message that will air exclusively during the program. This marks the president’s first Fourth of July as the nation’s leader.

The PBS program, A Capitol Fourth will air live on July 4, 2009 between 8:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. Eastern Time. Check your local listings to view time schedules in your area. The program will feature celebrity entertainment, a concert from the National Symphony, and will end with the grand finale firework displays over the Washington Monument.

President Obama’s message is expected to include a request that Americans honor those who’ve created a new form of government and for citizens to recommit themselves to our country’s ideals. It is believed that he will also give special mention to the children’s television program ‘Sesame Street’, which is celebrating its 40th year. According to a press release by Robert Gibbs, President Obama is currently at Camp David, but will return in time for the Fourth of July festivities at the nation’s capitol. The fourth of July also marks the president’s daughter, Malia’s 11th birthday. They will have a party for Malia, including approximately 20 of her friends, and then host a military picnic at the West Lawn. Approximately 1200 military families will be in attendance. The president will then participate in the events planned for A Capitol Fourth. He and his family will enjoy the spectacular fireworks shows at the end of the event.

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