From Brown Man:

Are you guys serious?

If “taking it the streets” is all we are, then kill me now.

I hear all this talk about “Afrocentric”, but most motherfuckers who can’t read don’t really know anything about Africa except kente cloth, Roots, and the STUFF THEY SEE ON TV that has been programmed by the same “whitey” you say you are afraid of acting like.

Nobody here is going back to Africa. NOBODY! Certainly not anybody I see standing on the corner, talking about “the man” is holding him down.

You can start a business IN THE HOOD with practically no money if you have an education. Brand new lawyers who have next to no experience do it everyday. Young doctors with 125K in loans do it and get paid year one if they take Medicaid patients, which our HOODS are full of. Even if you don’t get that far in school, you can either learn how to navigate the government grant system to get a loan to rehab your block, or start a small retail shop – IF YOU CAN FUCKING READ.

If I was Martin, or the beloved Malcolm that so many dumb ass thug wannabees holler about while they wave their 9mm’s around, killing US, I’d look down on your ridiculous asses and say “damn all of you fools who don’t know any better than to believe this bullshit.”

Malcolm didn’t get to be Malcolm cause he sold drugs or wore a conk. He got to be Malcolm because when his ass could have been rotting in that jail, he took the time to learn the language of the land.

Every African in Africa who has a bit of sense and the middle class luxuries many of us enjoy know two, three, or more languages, and they live on the biggest continent in the world.

So what the fuck are we afraid of?

If you can learn to cook crack properly, you can learn to be a pharmaceutical technician, and mix legal drugs.

If you can hotwire a car, you can learn to pull conduit and wire a house.

The only reason tunnel vision, “keeping it real” negroes like you even have half a chance to spew this nonsense is because some EDUCATED NEGROES took one for the team for the last hundred and fifty years, all the way back to Frederick Douglas, a real “G” if their ever was one.

Take these nursery rhyme fantasies back where you got them and quit fooling our youth.

Do you see any rappers still living on the streets they came from?

Hell No!

So why brainwash our children into believing that attitude and swagger mean anything when they have no brainpower to back it up, no knowledge base to anchor it, and no way to communicate with the rest of the world, whether they are white, black or brown?

Brown Man, I don’t think you’re as far apart from Town as you think, but I FELT the passion of this comment.

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