at the lame excuse put out by the Philadelphia Swim Club, now that their little “faux pas” involving 60 Black kids whose parents paid for them to swim there, is generating more heat under their asses.  Peep this:

HUNTINGDON VALLEY, Pa. – The head of a suburban Philadelphia swim club says safety, not racism, was the reason for the cancellation of the memberships of dozens of minority children.

Soooo, they’re concerned for the SAFETY of Black children swimming in that pool.  Yeah, Right.

How many of us KNOW that excuse doesn’t pass the bullshyt smell detector test?

Remember, former MLB exec Al Campanis told all of America on “20/20” twenty-three years ago that the reason there weren’t that many African-Americans in management positions in Major League Baseball was like the reason Black folk couldn’t swim: “Black folk have no buoyancy.”

That came from an executive in the Dodger organization – the same organization that was brave enough to intergrate Major League Baseball by putting a brotha named Jackie Robinson on the baseball field to let crackers know we could play baseball.  And Ted Koppel, bless his heart, gave dude THREE OPPORTUNITIES to take his damned foot out of his mouth, but Campanis kept right on chewing, and was fired the next day for that shyt.

I don’t know about you, but I’m crying BULLSHYT at the top of my lungs on this one.

It is not enough to refund money, or apologize for being a bigot.  There should be more consequences and repercussions for this shyt.

Just like Al Campanis had to face over twenty years ago.  Our children have enough challenges without having to deal with bigotry this early in their lives.

Did anyone REALLY THINK that just because a brotha’s in the White House, that America simultaneously became POST RACIAL?

Me neither.

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