The final phase of the patterns of racism and bigotry.  Anyone who has lurked at JJP know how well we are considered the EXPERTS at recognizing the patterns of racism and bigotry.

Take the arrest of Henry Louis “Skip” Gates by the Hahvard po-po over the weekend.  For those of you who didn’t get this from Soledad O’Brien’s “Black In America” series, here’s a brief recap.

1st part of the pattern – Black Man gets arrested by the Po-Po for entereing into his own house.  CHECK.

2nd part of the pattern – Media and Blogs decry the obvious racism behind the arrest, even after Dr. Gates produced ID and verification he lived there; what is not being discussed is the fact that if Gates stays the hell in his house, he can’t be arrested.  Additionally, Officer James Crowley knows this, so it’s entirely possible to believe that he entrapped Gates to walk outside where he could slap the cuffs on him. 

How many times have the cops done this and denied  DUE PROCESS OF LAW by bending it .  As Dave Chappelle says, all that was left was to “sprinkle some crack on him and let’s get outta here, Johnson.”  CHECK.

3rd part of the pattern – White Cop denies his own bigotry and racism and facilitates outcry of public support from his nearly all white friends, with the obligatory brotha thrown in to convince US.  CHECK and MATE. 

For five of the past six years, Crowley has volunteered alongside a black colleague in teaching 60 cadets per year about how to avoid targeting suspects merely because of their race, and how to respond to an array of scenarios they might encounter on the beat. Thomas Fleming, director of the Lowell Police Academy, said Crowley was asked by former Cambridge police Commissioner Ronnie Watson, who is black, to be an instructor.

Uh-huh (eye roll).  I don’t know about you, but the pattern of racism is so blatant, Stevie Wonder can see it with his eyes CLOSED.

But, while this pattern bothers me, there’s another pattern I’d like to discuss and it’s something we can’t run away from.

I’m talking about the pattern of classism and bigotry among OURSELVES.  The elites vs. the Working Class.  When W.E.B. DuBois discussed the formation of the “Talented Tenth”, I don’t think what he had in mind were those who sit on Martha’s Vineyard and try to diss Michelle Obama about hanging out among their midst because she’s not “light, bright and damned near white”, with their bullshyt air of superiority that lasts until a white person reminds them of their own ethnicity. Mrs. Obama is the First Lady of the United States, and these uppity SOBs are dissing her because she didn’t grow up in Jack and Jill and didn’t have a coming-out presentation at the annual Linx Cotillion when she turned 18.

I think our loyal poster, Town, was quick to point that out while we were busy decrying how a celebrated Professor like Gates was being treated by the Hahvard police.  Town stated that “too bad his 57% white DNA didn’t protect him…” (Town please correct me if I wasn’t accurate).

If you’re wondering where I got that Gates has 57% white DNA (which he seems to be quite proud of), I got it from that documentary series he did on the biological roots of Black Celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Chris Rock, Morgan Freeman and a few others.  But while he was extolling the humble roots of our Black Celebrities, he as well as the rest of Hahvard may have been busy ignoring a young Black woman who got thrown out of Hahvard because one of her classmates was dating a murder suspect.

No one’s saying too much about that, and some posters on blogs I have read; they’re blaming the young lady, and essentially allowing the rest of the Black Academia and student-body off the hook for their failure to get equally outraged about this young lady’s treatment by the University as we got about Gates’ arrest.

Why is it that we choose to be “selective” in whom or what we criticize among us?  Why can’t we honestly be critical in equal measure, if the issue is one of similarity?  Why can’t we decry Gates’ treatment, and, at the same time, call him out for failing to support Chanequa Campbell?

I don’t care if that young lady grew up ‘hood – she obviously went to school and earned the grades and the SAT scores that landed her in HARVARD UNIVERSITY.  No mean feat – she overcame a lot of odds to get to Cambridge, but those who kept silent about her being kicked out and not being allowed to graduate, are trying to justify their silence by saying the university was justified in kicking her out by the company Ms. Campbell kept, in that one of her friends dated the suspect.  Talk abou six degrees of separation.

Yet Harvard gave a Master’s Degree in Business Administration to the WORST. PRESIDENT.EVER;  a man that should not have been allowed to even see a Harvard Yearbook, let alone be allowed to attend and obtain a graduate degree with a C-Minus average, and for all his antics, his pappy’s money allowed him to stay.  And Blacks didn’t say shyt about that “affirmative action” (aka “Legacy”), either.

So, here we go with the patterns…AGAIN.  But, this time, it just might be useful that while we continue to rightfully decry what happened to Skip Gates, that we be cognizant and honest enough to look at how we tend to engage in similar patterns OURSELVES and be just as critical on his remaining silent on an issue that obviously matters.

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