From whiterosebuddy :

“Instinctively, I knew I was not to step outside,” Gates said,describing the officer’s tone as threatening. “

SEE? This is what I mean…you better NOT open your door…Gates should have followed his instincts!!

“I was thinking, this is ridiculous, but I’m going to show him my ID, and this guy is going to get out of my house,” Gates said. “This guy had this whole narrative in his head. Black guy breaking and entering.”

“After handing the officer both his Harvard and Massachusetts state identification, which included his address, Gates said he began to ask the officer this question, repeatedly. “I said ‘Who are you? I want your name and badge number.’ I got angry.”

“I stepped out on the porch to ask them his name,” Gates said.

He was immediately arrested — his arms pulled behind his back in handcuffs’

Gates Says He Is Outraged by Arrest at Cambridge Home

DON’T STEP outside.

Just LOOK at ‘EM from your door. Don’t go outside AND DON’t let em in.

This is BLACKNESS 101 for law abiding Black citizens when confronted in their homes!

Rules from Blackness 101

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