Y’all know I’m happy about this. I always thought that this opportunistic buffoon was a poor choice indeed to take over Obama’s historic Senate seat after Obama was elected president. It was a Clarence Thomas maneuver insulting the dignity and intelligence of black people wherein disgraced Rod Blagojevich sought to place a friend (who happens to be black) in the Senate. A shoe-shining friend who btw appeared ready to pay Blagojevich for the privilege so the recordings show. The Blagojevichs are now so desperate for money that Mrs. Blago resorted to appearing on a degrading reality show.

Like Thomas, it was a terrible example of race used to pull the wool over folks’ eyes — “Look, he’s black! Isn’t that enough for you?” No it’s not. Not at a time when there are incredible, ethical and frankly, younger black leaders on the horizon. It’s time for a new generation to shine.

The HuffPo really breaks it down (excerpt):

Burris was appointed by disgraced Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, who weeks before had been arrested in part on allegations he tried to sell the Senate seat. Burris’ appointment was criticized from the moment it was announced and prompted immediate calls for him to resign.

He repeatedly changed his story about the circumstances of his appointment, first claiming he never offered anything to Blagojevich, then admitting he tried _ and failed to raise money for the then-governor.

A wiretap that was released later showed Burris bartering with Robert Blagojevich, the former governor’s brother and a top adviser.

A friend of Burris said Burris decided not to run because it would be impossible to change public perception of him without spending huge amounts of money. The friend said Burris doesn’t believe he did anything wrong but acknowledged he faced a difficult task in getting elected.

In the Senate, Burris has been treated as something of a pariah because of his ties to Blagojevich. Democrats and Republicans alike have shunned him, refusing to partner with him on legislation and participating only in polite exchanges.

Burris was a step back after Obama, not a step forward for Black Americans. I’ve always maintained that this seat — the only one held by an African-American in the Senate — should be the jumping point for another young, righteous African-American leader from Illinois. I now have renewed hope that a vigorous race for this seat next year will produce such a leader.

Good riddance to rubbish. Burris can’t tuck that tail between his legs and head back to Chicago fast enough for me.

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