Look even hard-core self-described “proud right-wing extemists” like Erick Erickson over at RedState think that the Obama Birther/Birth Certificate non-controversy is a “distraction“. America has some serious problems, y’all. What we don’t need is more hate and bigotry peddled as news and commentary.

If CNN calls itself a news channel, it will give Lou Dobbs the bum rush. Media Matters has a compelling video showing the slanted treatment Obama has received under Lou Dobbs. It’s easy to dismiss as crazy talk yet I tend to believe that Dobbs has a more sinister agenda like all the other birthers. It’s all just some kinda code or signal to each other for “how on earth did a nigger become president and how can we prevent the nigras and wetbacks from taking over?”

It won’t be long before Lou is slipping a crisp white Klan hood over those fat jowls on air but before that happens — let’s talk back to CNN and let em know we’re not going to let them get away with broadcasting racist lies. Color of Change has teamed up with MoveOn to fight back. Why don’t you come along with us! Email Jon Klein, President of CNN, and ask him to finally take Dobbs off the airwaves.

Here’s what JJP blogger James Rucker of Color of Change emailed out today:

Lou Dobbs is using his platform on CNN to revive paranoid conspiracy theories about whether President Obama was born in the U.S.1 While the question was put to rest long ago, Dobbs is pretending that this extremist nonsense is a legitimate national conversation.
Intentionally or not, he is stoking the fires of racial fear and paranoia in the same way that the McCain/Palin campaign did when they cast Obama as “not one of us.” Even after being called on this, Dobbs refuses to stop.
CNN, which is held in high regard by many Americans and describes itself as the “the most trusted name in news,” is allowing one of its hosts to give legitimacy to debunked, racist conspiracy theories.
Please join us in calling on CNN to dump Dobbs, and ask your friends and family to do the same:


For more than a year, folks on the far right have been claiming that President Obama is not a U.S. citizen; that he was born in Kenya, and as a result can’t be president. This theory has been repeatedly debunked. Not only has the state of Hawaii provided a birth certificate to media organizations several times, there were also birth announcements in two separate Hawaii papers when Obama was born in 1961–for most reasonable people, that would remove any doubt.
Members of Dobbs’ own staff have said they’re uncomfortable with his insistence on pursuing this story, but Dobbs insists on claiming there must be something to it because, “Obama refuses to produce the long-form of his birth certificate.” Other news outlets have refused to give the idea any credence. The head of MSNBC, Phil Griffin, had this to say about the claim: “It’s racist. It’s racist. Just call it for what it is.”
When white people can see and say openly it’s racist, you know we’re making some headway. We can fight back against the hate that has poisoned American discourse for too long. We must demand better coverage.
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