Peace out Sarah. We knew you all to well. Pretty sure you’re about to investigated as well you should have. Since the Right wing is blaming her fall on the left wing media, I ask the question how would the media have treated her if she was African American? Would she have received all the right wing praise from Limbaugh and Co? You judge for yourself. Thanks for the memories Sarah. I’m sure these scandals won’t go anywhere. Here are some of our favorites Palin scandals. I actually got to interview the chairman of the AKIP (Alaskan Independence Party) about Sarah Palin’s involvement. This is interesting because in the Vanity Fair article they mention that Sarah Palin wanting to lie about her connection to the group. Here’s my interview with the AKIP on Palin.

Interview With AKIP on Palin’s Involvement

Which of Palin’s scandals was the on that brought her down?

EXCLUSIVE: The Top 5 Sarah Palin Scandals

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