When I Googled “Bitter Old White Guys” I had a choice of this Clint Eastwood Movie Poster or a pic of Senator Country Last.  Do the Math on this one.

That’s how the Republican members of the Senate Judiciary hearings are coming off to the rest of America

The problem is THEY HAVE NO CLUE.  From Crooks and Liars:

Watching Lindsey Graham’s gotcha grin as he needled Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor with disingenuous and rhetorical questions you had to wonder what was so funny. Does the Republican senator think it is amusing that he and his party’s condescending tone toward the Hispanic woman was costing them ethnic votes with each passing hour of Tuesday’s Judiciary Committee hearing?

Um, yeah, Craig, that’s EXACTLY what they’re thinking.  And they think that most of America is too stupid to take notice.  Listen up, Jeff Sessions and Jon Kyl – I suggest you put the icing on this cake and go ahead and call her a Spic on National Television.  Get it over with.  I’ve been waiting for you to call the POTUS “Nigger” for months now, so you can add to your repetoire of slurs while drinking your own flop sweat of defeat. 

What’s stoppin’ ya?  (side eye)

. . . Even if they vote for her, the fallout for Republicans could reach well beyond Hispanic voters. They are coming across as a bunch of snarky and bitter old white men who cannot bear the thought of their kind losing power. (Emphasis mine)

You would think they would stop and buy a few clues.  You’d think wrong.  And, as Tim Wise would say, “Their Whiteness is showing.”  Jeff Sessions, Lindsay Graham and Jon Kyl are really getting their “Ferraro” on and it’s not very pretty. 

Hillary and Bill Clinton learned the hard way about turning around and biting the hands that gave them the White House – Black people pulled up stakes and headed for Obama like he was water in the Sahara Dessert.  Now it’s time for Bitter White Guys in the GOP to learn the same lesson – turn on Sonia Sotomayor and it will be like the movie “A Day without Mexicans” for their asses.

And if they cannot stomach the thought of “their kind losing power”, they forgot to consider that they lost that “power” long ago, when George Bush shat on the Constitution and shat on THEM along with it, while allowing Dead-Eye Dick Cheney to run amok and pave the way for his spawn to succeed him in on Capitol Hill in 2012.

I’m beyond trying to comprehend what makes a racist tick.  It is like trying to find out why a rattlesnake strikes.  They do it because IT IS IN THEIR NATURE.  And since, I know that being a racist is learned behavior,  it is past time trying to wonder why they hate people of color. They hate people of color because their mothers and fathers taught them to hate anyone NOT LIKE THEM.

My father used to say that the difference between one who is openly calling you a Nigger and one that is tap dancing in your face, but calling you a “coon” behind your back, is just like dealing with a rattlesnake and a water moccasin. 

The rattler lets you know he’s going to strike.

The water moccasin sneaks up and takes a bite out of your ass.

The open bigot screams “Nigger, Spic, Kike and Chink” at the top of his lungs.

The closeted bigot screams those racial epithets in the privacy of his closet, but engages in other forms of obfuscation, manipulation and retaliation to get their points across.

Isn’t it nice to know that Jon Kyl, Lindsay Graham and Jeff Sessions have decided to shed their closets, put on their hoods and robes (all that’s left to do is to light a cross on the Senate floor) and confirm what we’ve always known – that they’re BITTER OLD BIGOTED WHITE GUYS who don’t realize that they got just as left behind as the school kids were with No Child Left Behind?

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