Hey y’all — yesterday we got an email inviting JJP to a bloggers-only call with President Obama and senior advisors today on healthcare at 5:30pm EST. That’s pretty exciting and a first time invite for us. But it’s not about us — Barack Obama is actually trying to talk to you. So — here’s your chance. What question should I ask Barack Obama today (if I can get through)? You’re pretty smart so I’m willing to bet your questions might be better than mine.

Some good questions that have already come in over twitter (follow @jjpolitics, @baratunde and @ch3ryl) include:

  • @williams1977: Pls ask him if he’ll veto any bill that does not include a public option
  • @fredricmitchell: i’d be more than happy to pay more for mcd’s, twizzlers, and powdered donuts if it improved healthcare. y not a tax on junk food?
  • @mistcat: will Obama propose his own bill to congress if the one they come back with sucks?
  • @AroundHarlem: Are health insurance options 4 self-employed/small biz owners (who dont qualify 4 govt. Health benefits) a part of his plan?
  • @colombiancoffee: Will non-citizens be covered under Universal healthcare?

Thanks for the help!

I will let you know tonight how it went and whassup with the Prez on healthcare. I think it’s great that he’s really driving hard on this and takin’ it to the people. That’s the only way Congress is going to know that the status quo ain’t gonna ride with us no more.

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