…is what I’m about to receive from y’all, but you know, I’ve committed myself to writing about when the President is beginning to look like he’s going to side step one of his campaign promises – ACCOUNTABILITY and TRANSPARENCY.

If President Obama is serious about is Administration being as transparent as it can without endanger National Security, then someone answer me this:  Why the hell is the Administration being reluctant to allow Congress to bring charges against former VP Dick Cheney for abusing the authority of his office to expose an undercover CIA Agent, to payback her husband for writing an op-ed in the New York Times that exposed the lies that was the Iraq War? Joe and Valerie Plame Wilson are already suing – but Cheney needs to be in an orange jumpsuit doing the perp walk.

But why the reluctance from the Obama Administration?

From Susie Madrak – (Hat Tip, Crooks and Liars, via the Pimp News Paper, WaPo):

A document filed in federal court this week by the Justice Department offers new evidence that former vice president Richard B. Cheney helped steer the Bush administration’s public response to the disclosure of Valerie Plame Wilson’s employment by the CIA and that he was at the center of many related administration deliberations.

The administration’s discussion of Wilson’s link to the CIA was meant to undermine criticism by her husband of administration allegations that Iraq attempted to acquire uranium, a matter that her husband had probed for the CIA, according to testimony presented in a 2007 trial.

A list of at least seven related conversations involving Cheney appears in a new court filing approved by Obama appointees at the Justice Department. In the filing, the officials argue that the substance of what Cheney told special prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald in 2004 must remain secret.

If  THAT doesn’t piss you off, maybe this will:

The Obama administration has since agreed that the material should not be disclosed. A Justice Department lawyer at one point last month argued that vice presidents and other White House officials will decline to be interviewed in the future if they know their remarks might “get on ‘The Daily Show’ ” or be used as fodder for political enemies. (emphasis mine)

I think worrying about whether or not Obama Administration officials becoming fodder for Jon Stewart is the least of this Administration’s worries.  While Black Folk might continue to celebrate the very existance of an African-American in the White House, the white supporters who helped get him there are starting to keep tabs on whether or not Mr. Obama’s keeping his campaign promises, whether we like it or NOT.  Why not have Cheney indicted for Constitutional violations and abuse of the authority of the office he once held?  Why shouldn’t his ass see a jail cell for the treasonous crimes he committed and got fat paid for?  Every day that people who want the Constitution to really MEAN SOMETHING, have their efforts continually thwarted by an Administration that once supported those efforts, they get shat on in royal fashion. 

We should be concerned that what little we have left in the way of Constitutional Rights, continue to be slowly eviscerated by an Administration that, just like Wild Bill Clinton, got us to like them, despite the way they shyt on us.  I mean, it’s like watching a frog boil to death – while he’s in cold water, he’s unaware that there’s a fire underneath his ass until that water starts boiling and he dies.  Is THAT what we want – because we like the POTUS so damned much – to the point when our asses start to boil and burn, it’s too late to hop out of the pot?

Mr. Obama seems to think if his Administration does NOTHING, this whole shyt goes away, but guess what?  At some point, he needs to shyt or get off the pot.  He will have to take a STAND on SOMETHING, or else we’re the ones FALLING FOR ANYTHING.  What better opportunity for this Administration to distinguish themselves from being considered a Democratic version of the Bush Administration, than to take down one of the key architects of the Iraq War, the Recession, and the Secrecy and Lies that allowed full-blown violations of the Constitution and the oath to uphold and defend?

The only reason I can think of is that the Obama Administration doesn’t want to set a precedent that theybelieve they can’t stand up to, because if any attempts at accountability are made from this Administration, those same precedent may be used to evaluate his performance.

To which I say if he’s not doing anything wrong, the Administration should have NOTHING TO FEAR, n’est pas?

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