Recently, our attention at ColorOfChange has been turned to the outrageous case of discrimination against 65 kids from a largely Black summer camp, who were barred from a Pennsylvania swimming pool.

In just over a week, more than 85,000 of our members asked the Department of Justice to investigate whether the Valley Swim Club violated federal civil rights laws. Now, it looks like the DOJ has listened to the flood of outrage this case has caused across the country. From the email we’re sending to members:

Now your efforts have paid off—on Friday, the Justice Department announced that it will be reviewing the case.

This is an incredibly important development. A DOJ investigation can help to create real accountability at the Valley Swim Club and deter folks across the country from engaging in similar acts of blatant discrimination.

Your voices were an important part of a national chorus demanding accountability, and this victory might not have happened without you. Together, we can let all of America know that discrimination has no place in today’s society.

Thanks to all the Jack and Jill Politics readers who joined this effort. We’ll be keeping an eye on this case, and we’ll let you know when we think there are more opportunities for you to make a difference.

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