You know, I think “hiking the Appalachian trail” is about to be some kind of a new euphemism or code slang for something….. Cue Lil John: “HWHUT!?”

Wow — that’s one crazy story. I mean, Dayam. The man is clearly emotionally unstable, irresponsible and possibly illegal under SC law — he deserted his post as chief executive of the state of South Carolina to chase some poontang in a foreign land. Without telling someone or leaving the state in someone’s hands as he’s supposed to. Who besides me expected to see a picture of him emerge with him pulling his shirt up over his nipples on a Rio beach shakin’ his junk for all to see?

During Father’s Day? If this man was hoping to run for president, well, I’m sure he and John Edwards would have one hell of a beer together at their local bar. Just as Edwards did us all a favor and stepped off the scene — Sanford would be wise to resign.

This is the same guy JJP readers will recall that we were fighting over Obama’s stimulus package working with Color of Change — together we sent over 600 calls into the governor’s office. Sanford refused to allow $700 million dollars to come into the state to fix SC’s crumbling schools and public safety infrastructure, among other projects.

This is also the same racist who compared Obama’s government to that of Zimbabwe:

“What you’re doing is buying into the notion that if we just print some more money that we don’t have, send it to different states — we’ll create jobs,” Sanford said. “If that’s the case, why isn’t Zimbabwe a rich place?… Why isn’t Zimbabwe just an incredibly prosperous place. ‘Cause they’re printing money they don’t have and sending it around to their different — I don’t know the towns in Zimbabwe but that same logic is being applied there with little effect.”


Look…here’s the deal from my perspective. Whether Democratic or Republican, there’s a recurring theme of white men gone wild with adultery. There are much fewer cases (at least that have gone supernova public) when you talk about black politicians. The latest one was former Detroit Mayor Kwame “Thuglife” Kilpatrick and his nasty phone messages with his staffer. That brother had a host of other problems that brought him down including incompetence and corruption. The last one I can remember before that was the news back in 2001 of Rev. Jesse Jackson’s love child. However, Rev. Jesse was not an elected official.

The truth is that black public officials instinctively know that the public will have a low tolerance indeed for their infidelity. That their strange will be portrayed in a Mandingo like, wild animal way that would kill any career. Some white politicians may be able to survive a scandal of this nature but it’s not likely a black one would. And no, Bill Clinton doesn’t count!

So my advice to Barack Obama is that if he’s thinking of stepping out on Michelle for some undercover strange, he’d best look on Mars. Cuz Argentina just is not far enough…

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