This was a comment from monie:

I wanted to ask this question,….

A local newpaper had an article that detailed what I felt was an issue that is probably pervasive all over the country.

In Hampton, Virginia, Blacks/AA make up about 47 percent of the population, YET the city of Hampton contracts/does only 1.6 percent of its business with minority-owned businesses. Local groups like the NAACP and so forth were basically silent regarding this issue….at least according to one local Black journalist.

The question: Is President Obama repsonsible or should be held “accountable” for this?

Now there was a JJP post that claims President Obama overlooks racial inequality…and I am not here to argue for or against the premise of that article….but when I see situations such as what has existed in Hampton, the questions becomes, who is accountable for such a disparity as that one….should Obama be held accountable for that and yet every local citizen, city council members, Black elected leaders be off the hook.

I want to see us more ENGAGED in our local government…..we must be EDUCATED about what goes on in our backyards, it may surprise you at the inequalities that exist and are right up under our noses EVERY DAY.

Hold President Obama accountable…yes for what he can DIRECTLY be held accountable for…there are many facetsof our lives that are determined by our state and local governments and yet that is where most of our apathy lies

But before we get on the megaphones saying he ain’t addressing Black/AA issues, let’s make sure we attend a city council meeting in our city/town… the mayor’s office….attend School Board meetings, who often has a LOT of say about our local schools and how they operate…..demand that funds be routed to upkeep and improve our local communities…ask that funds be directed for our young people and make sure we make a damn good case justifying it…….


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