Y’all know how I feel about Van. If there is new black leadership in America, I believe he epitomizes it. I might actually be a bigger fan of Van than I am of Barack. The White House just sent me this update. Jump on Facebook at 3pm EST to talk to Van directly about Green Jobs for a Green Future. Here’s a newly cut video with Van the Man visiting a weatherization project that’s showing us the jobs of the future right now.

From the White House blog:

Green Jobs for a Green Future: Weatherization

Posted by Jesse Lee

We have heard from Van Jones, Special Advisor for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation at the White House Council on Environmental Quality, on some of the seedlings of a clean energy economy before. And back in May he introduced us to the enormous potential of weatherizing buildings and homes. Today, as part of a week where the Cabinet is out in force pushing through key energy-related projects and initiatives, Van comes back again to show us how weatherizing homes will be a major source of jobs in neighborhoods like yours as the President’s vision for a clean energy economy becomes reality. See if you can watch the video and not be excited about what the future holds here.

Van Jones will also be back with us for a live-streamed chat through Facebook and WhiteHouse.gov at 3:00 this afternoon to talk about the future of green jobs in America. Join us.

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