And, after what I’ve gone through these past few weeks regarding my employment situation and all, making my blood boil is something I can ill afford to do.  But when I visited Gina McAuley’s blog and found this, I got pissed off all over again.  Peep this:

Here is another report confronting suspects. One of them claims “She looked 19″ but says he stopped the oral sex when he saw her crying. )($&#(*#@^)(^$@(*^$@)(^)(+@$#&)($+&%!!!!!!!

Sooooo, let me see if I understand this.  A fifteen year old is gang-raped, but because she’s not cooperating, the Broward County DA is going to piss on his law licence and abdicate any and all moral, legal and ethical responsibility to sling these cretins under a jail.

When I think about our African-American teen-aged girls, I fear as much for their safety as I do a Black Man’s.  It appears to be open season on them.  The laws that are allegedly supposed to protect, are more often than not, used to victimize the victims all over again. 

“She looked 19, but says he stopped the oral sex when he saw her crying…”  Hell, that’s all is needed for a confession except shouting that shyt from the rafters.

And the girl is FIFTEEN.  She’s a child and probably a traumatized one at that.  It is not surprising that she may not want to cooperate, given the facts involved in this case, and the fact that she might be IN FEAR FOR HER VERY LIFE, DAMMIT!

When we got justice for Shawanda Cotton, the Jena Six and any other of our children being railroaded by officers and prosecutors of the Got-Damned Law, we got on the Internet, called Color of Change, woke up the damned and useless NAACP (cause they too busy trying to get animals like those involved in Dunbar Village that forced a mother to rape her own child, out of mofo jail <side eye>), and organized protests that got national attention.  We’re going to have to keep doing this until the law starts working FOR US, not AGAINST US.

The victim is a 15 year old CHILD – who the hell is going to speak for HER?  In any other state, I believe there are laws that the DA’s offices use when the victim is too young to speak for himself/herself – and they make the legal arguments to prosecute, despite uncooperative victims.  As for the uncooperative victims, she needs love, nurturing and a whole lot of psychological counseling done in an empathetic manner so she is not made to feel like a victim all over again.

Either that, or I’ve been watching too much Law and Order in this bastard.  I sent Gina a comment telling her I would do a post on this and link to her coverage.  Any contact information to light a fire under the Broward County DA’s ass is on Gina’s blog.  Let’s get to work, y’all.

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